SafeCare BC Puts Vancouverites To The Safety Test

A pseudo police officer, construction worker, care aide, and stumped Vancouverites gathered at Robson Square last month to take part in “The Risk Factor”, a contest put on by the SafeCare BC. Participants attempted to determine which profession is most at risk of getting injured on the job, with the challenge proving harder than most would anticipate. See what Vancouverites had to say when they were put up to the Be Care Aware challenge in the video below or visit to learn more.

The event was part of the Be Care Aware campaign launched earlier this summer. The focus of the campaign is to bring awareness to the high rate of workplace injuries among continuing care staff. Continuing care staff face an injury frequency that is four times higher than the provincial average. This high rate of injuries has far-reaching implications, affecting everything from staff retention and facility costs, to staff quality of life and quality of patient care. Awarness Poster JPG“We want to use this campaign to help educate care staff about the serious risks of injury they face and how they can reduce that risk by using the right tools and techniques,” says Jennifer Lyle, Executive Director for SafeCare BC. “In Alberta, by focusing on this important issue, they were able to reduce injury rates for their care staff by 64% over a five year period.” Lyle also says it is important to inform British Columbians how safe and healthy workplaces allow for care aides to deliver quality care to the best of their ability. Hundreds of pedestrians, tourists, and working professionals stopped by to play the game and attempt to match the right workplace injury stats with the correct profession. As individuals took on the challenge, many were surprised to learn that their selection of the police officer or the construction worker as the most likely to get injured on the job was wrong.

CKNW Tackles Be Care Aware on The Air

jon mccombStemming from the Be Care Aware campaign, CKNW talk show host Jon McComb and reporter Jessica Gares reached out to learn more about injuries rates within the sector. Gares checked out the front lines by spending some time at Haro Park Centre located in downtown Vancouver.

Care Aide Craig Peterson demonstrating a sling lift with SafeCare BC ED, Jennifer Lyle
Care Aide Craig Peterson demonstrating a sling lift with SafeCare BC ED, Jennifer Lyle at Haro Park Centre

“For caregivers, one of the main issues is the elder’s safety but then also for your safety, so that you don’t injure your back…” says Haro Park Care Aide, Craig Peterson. “Because if you injure yourself, then that impacts on your livelihood.” “It’s a very active occupation, there is no question,” says Haro Park Care Aide, Nick Parrotta. “So as a result, when one is on their feet all day moving, lifting and transferring, sometimes we can misjudge our ability to handle a certain work routine and when we do that it can result in injury.” Catch the full segment below or by visiting CKNW.

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