Board Committees
Executive Committee

Board Members: Ron Pike President), Marc Kinna (Interim Vice President), Gavin McIntosh (Treasurer), Aly Devji (Past President)

Staff: Terry Lake (CEO)

Governance Committee (also serves as Nominating Committee)

Board Members:  Marc Kinna (Chair, Interim Vice President), Ron Pike, Ann Marie Leijen, Aly Devji, Salimah Walji-Shivji

Staff: Terry Lake (CEO), Marife Sonico

Finance and Audit Committee

Board Members: Gavin McIntosh (Chair, Treasurer), Ron Pike (President), Marc Kinna


Staff: Terry Lake (CEO)

Events & Recognition Committee

Board Members: Wendy Calhoun (Chair), Ann Marie Leijen, Aly Devji, Jennifer Anderson, Ron Pike (ex-officio)

Members at Large: Lance Bennewith (For- Profit Rep), Danny Birch (Home Health Rep.), Jared Bespalko (Title Sponsor Rep), Allan Turner (Commercial Member Rep)

Staff: Cathy Szmaus

Membership Services and Engagement Committee

Board Members:  Aly Devji (Chair, Non-profit Rep), Angela Grottoli, Ron Pike (ex officio)

Members at Large: Brent Glasgow-Brown, Kris Coventry, Riz Gehlen

Staff: Andrea Mameri

Health Human Resources Committee

Board Members: Erroll Hastings (Chair), Ron Pike (ex-officio)

Members at Large: Rebecca Jarvis, Karen Foster, Michael Aikins, Gayle Anton, Wendy Scott, Denise May, Kathy Nduwayo, Melanie Reinhardt

Staff: Lara Croll

EngAge BC Member Council

Members at Large: Marc Kinna (Chair), Jackie Reiners (Vice Chair), Celeste Mullin, Kris Coventry, Sharon Ranalli, Lina Saba, Margot Ware, Ron Pike (ex officio)

Staff: Tiffany Trownson

Board Liaisons

Office of the Seniors Advocate: TBA

Health Employers Association of BC: Erroll Hastings  

SafeCare BC: Danny Birch

FAN/RSAC: Erroll Hastings  

Vancouver Coastal Health Admin Group: Gavin McIntosh  

Denominational Health Association: Erroll Hastings and Marc Kinna 

Vancouver Island Seniors Health Area Network (VISAN): TBA

Interior Health Authority Admin Group:  Melanie Reinhardt (Chair)  

Canadian Association for Long Term Care (CALTC): Aly Devji 

Alberta Continuing Care Association: Al Jina 

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