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BC Care Providers Association’s (BCCPA) policy team focuses on key issues and policy challenges impacting the seniors living, wellness and care sector in B.C., producing influential reports and resources for government, operators, and the public, alike.  
Since 2014, BCCPA’s policy department has been instrumental in producing a series of high-regarded reports, including the two-part Sustainability and Innovation: Exploring Options for Improving BC’s Continuing Care Sector and Quality-Innovation-Collaboration: Strengthening Seniors Care Delivery in BC. In addition to these, the BCCPA team has also authored a large number of opinion pieces, some of which have been featured in local media outlets. 
BCCPA produces a number of public documents that both front-line workers and family members can source, in addition to policy papers to drive innovation in the continuing care sector. 
We hope these resource materials serve as valuable tools, offering insights and answers to the many questions you may have about the continuing care sector in B.C.

Highlighted Publications

No Time to Wait: Taking Act to Support B.C. Seniors – BC Budget 2024
In 2023, BCCPA presented its 2024 budget to the Members of the Standing Committee on Finances and Government Services, urging immediate action in three critical areas – 1) investments in infrastructure to ensure that seniors can access assisted living and long-term care services they need, when, and where they need them, 2) increased investments in staffing and direct care hours to better support residents with higher acuity needs, and 3) tax credits to help seniors in accessing family-paid home support and independence-living services, facilitating aging in the “right place.” 
Supporting an Active Partnership: A Service Provider’s Guide to Family & Resident Councils 
Earlier this year, the Association introduced a new guide designed to provide a succinct overview of supporting family and/or resident councils in long-term care. Tailored specifically for long-term care providers, this resource offers valuable insights and best practices for collaborating with families, residents, and their councils. The document also includes a companion guide which can be shared with existing and new councils as operators look to develop, encourage, and support them at their sites. 

Public Publications


Member Only Publications

As part of the BCCPA’s membership benefits, members gain access to the complete catalogue of BCCPA’s publications, guides, and toolkits. 

Highlighted Trends in British Columbia - Profile of Residential-Based Continuing Care Homes 2018-2023: CIHI Data Tables (October 2023)


This document provides a synthesis of key data trends from the CIHI data tables outlining the profile of 'residential-based continuing care homes' from 2018 to 2023. 

To access this document, please visit this link: https://bccare.member365.com/sharingnetwork/documentLibrary/view/2010 

Tax Credit for Aging the Right Place - Rapid Jurisdictional Scan (September 2023)
This document not only provides insights into the Quebec Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors but also offers an overview of similar programs in various provinces and internationally that aim to assist seniors in managing the costs associated with home health services. Furthermore, the document briefly explores the leading strategies adopted by jurisdictions to improve the affordability of home health services for seniors.
To access this document, please visit this link: https://bccare.member365.com/sharingnetwork/documentLibrary/view/2011
Jurisdictional Scan of Credential Recognition for Internationally Educated Nurses in Canada and Abroad (July 2023)

The purpose of this jurisdictional scan is threefold. Firstly, it offers a comprehensive insight into the measures adopted by provinces and territories in Canada, as well as other countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, to simplify the licensure procedures for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs). Secondly, the scan identifies the top-priority countries for expediting licensing within each jurisdiction. Lastly, it evaluates the financial resources and investments dedicated to supporting both IENs and regulatory bodies in streamlining their processes.

To access this document, please visit this link: https://bccare.member365.com/sharingnetwork/documentLibrary/view/2021 

MLA Engagement Guide 
This guide offers some tips and tools for engaging your MLA, including what to do before, during, and after a meeting, how to address MLAs in different positions, and information you can use to prepare for your meeting, such as key messages and facts about the sector. 
To access this document, please visit this link: https://bccare.member365.com/sharingnetwork/workspaceDocuments/view/1988 
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