BCCPA’s Top 10 of 2017 #HappyHolidays message

At the end of the calendar year everyone comes up with their lists of the “top” things that happened in the previous 12 months. So we decided to come up with our own, and put it into our annual holiday greeting video (embedded below). Please watch the message read by our CEO Daniel Fontaine.

Our “Top 10” events to strengthen seniors care in B.C.

  1. We celebrated our 40th anniversary with a series of events and initiatives including our “40 for 40” concerts in care and established a new student mentoring program.
  2. BCCPA released a major report — Strengthening Seniors Care in BC – that became one of our most influential (and downloaded) documents ever.
  3. We conducted our first-ever public awareness campaign — dubbed “Care Can Be There” — which involved a major investment in video, radio and social media campaigns that received hundreds of thousands of impressions on-air and online.
  4. We launched our Quality Committee to identify and create new initiatives to improve quality of life for seniors receiving care.
  5. We increased our staff at BC Care Providers — allowing us to expand our policy work and support of home care and assisted living members. We also had to get bigger offices, and moved into our larger space on the 14th floor in August.
  6. We held several province-wide listening tours to connect with our members outside of the Lower Mainland.
  7. We held our annual conference in Whistler with our largest attendance ever with over 500 delegates — and sold out our trade show in record time.
  8. We successfully worked through a transition in government, and established a good working relationship with the new Minister of Health.
  9. BCCPA received a $10 million grant to establish a seniors safety and quality improvement fund, now coordinated in our new programs department with oversight provided by SafeCare BC, the Denominational Health Association, and the Ministry of Health.
  10. Finally, we secured the largest new funding investment in seniors care in over a decade — over $500 million to increase direct care hours and improve staffing.

Our staff at BC Care Providers would like to send out a big thank you to our board of directors for their strong commitment to strengthening seniors care.

We would like to thank our sponsors, who allow us to hold some of the best events in the country on seniors care.

Finally, a huge thank you to our members. We are proud to work on your behalf. Best wishes for the holiday season, and for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!