2023 Care Provider of the Year Award in Long-Term Care Nominees (Part 7)

Following our previous nominee profiles for the BC Care Provider of the Year Award | Long-Term Care, we are pleased to announce the final nominees in this category.

The BC Care Provider of the Year Award is an opportunity to acknowledge care providers who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in delivering care to residents.

Susan Chang, The Harrison at Elim Village

Susan Chang is a Registered Nurse who has worked at The Harrison at Elim Village since 2009, starting as a Care Coordinator, later becoming the Assistant Director of Care in 2016 with the completion of Elim Village’s second Long-Term Care building, The Harrison West. Overseeing the clinical care of 193 residents, Susan has shown her dedication and passion to provide exceptional care and service to the residents. During the height of the pandemic, she worked tirelessly with the nursing teams in developing strong systems to protect the residents at their most vulnerable. Susan is respected and is known to be straight forward as she is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to advocating for residents, families, and the people she works with. Susan’s integrity and selflessness are evident as she is often seen working long hours, ensuring each resident receives care at a high clinical standard contributing to an enriched quality of life.

From Debra Bickerstaffe, Life Enrichment Coordinator:


“Susan is one of the hardest working nurses I have ever worked with in my twenty years working in healthcare. She is always there to support, guild and mentor care staff and our nursing team. Susan is compassionate and dedicated at supporting the residents and quality care and best practice is always at the forefront of everything she does.”


John Evangelista, Sidney All Care

A Health Care Aide, John has become a champion of palliative care at Sidney All Care. He is able to help residents celebrate their life and provide dignity in dying. John has a gentle and compassionate ability to provide guidance and comfort during the dying process allowing families to have positive memories. Beyond his role, he has taken many efforts to further his leadership skills to mentor his team members. He is currently pursuing further education to become a Registered Nurse in Canada while working at Sidney All Care.

From Deborah Short, Director of Care at Sidney All Care:

“John is meant to do this work and it is a true gift that he possesses. We are grateful to have John working at Sidney All Care. He is always helping his team members with a smile. His presence uplifts all of our team members when he is at Sidney All Care.”


Sydney Papp, Carecorp Senior Services

Embodying the essence of compassion and dedication in resident care, Sydney’s reliability as an HCA reliability and effectiveness as a team member shine through, fostering excellent interpersonal relationships with residents, staff, and families at Carecorp Senior Services. Her commitment to holistic resident well-being is evident in her proactive approach, and advocacy for safety and comfort reflects her genuine concern. Sydney’s collaborative spirit extends beyond her role, as she supports and guides both fellow HCAs and nurses to ensure proper care for residents.

From her colleague, Maria, RN:

“I am privileged that I have the opportunity to work with her. I can attest that she excels in what she does and goes above and beyond what her job entails to ensure the residents are well taken cared of holistically. She speaks her mind out when it comes to the safety and comfort of the residents.”


Jain Mariyil, Park Place Seniors Living

After moving to Canada with his family and facing the challenges of acquiring a nursing license in British Columbia, Jain pivoted to obtaining a Registered Care Aide License to sustain his livelihood while pursuing his Registered Nursing License. After being introduced into long-term care and progressing in roles, he is currently Quality Consultant – Informatics Lead at Park Place Seniors Living. His tenure within Park Place Seniors Living Homes showcased not only his unwavering compassion for residents but also earned him admiration from colleagues and supervisors, highlighting his knowledge of long-term care regulations, best practices and adaptability and resilience in navigating new healthcare terrains. His keen awareness of involving residents and their families in the planning process demonstrates an unwavering commitment to a holistic and patient-centered approach to care. Leaders like Jain, who emphasize not only care quality but also the inclusion of those directly impacted by it, foster a supportive and efficient environment for all involved.

From Leslie Belin, Director of Quality at Park Place Seniors Living:
“As a Registered Nurse, Jain has continued to demonstrate a passion for excellence in patient care. Beyond meeting the professional standards, Jain stands out as the most compassionate nurse I have encountered. I have personally witnessed Jain’s kind interactions with the residents he works with. The genuine care and warmth that Jain extends to residents create a comforting environment that significantly contributes to the overall well-being of those under his care.”

From Kathy Nduwayo, Vice President Operations at Park Place Seniors Living

“Jain’s commitment to continuous learning and innovation is truly admirable. His proactive approach in creating templates for audits, as well as for meeting preparations to share statistics and results, showcases his dedication to not only improving processes but also aiding fellow leaders in their roles. By providing these resources, he not only demonstrates a willingness to share knowledge but also fosters a culture of efficiency and collaboration among Site Leaders. It’s impressive how he’s not just focused on his own growth but also actively supports the growth and success of others in the organization.”

Paula Rodriguez, Origin at Longwood

Paula has made an outstanding contribution in demonstrating the required level of knowledge and skills in the position of Health Care Aide in Origin at Longwood – Astoria LTC suites. She responds quickly to meet resident needs, resolve problems, and escalates concerns where needed with the LPN or Director of Care. She uses down time effectively by spending time with residents and stays focused to ensure work is completed accurately and carefully by adhering to process/procedures for completing work. During a challenging time in Origin at Longwood – Astoria LTC suites, of high staff turnover and a shift in culture change, Paula was flexible and supportive, working many extra hours to ensure our residents were not neglected. Many residents have commended Paula on her approach and state that they feel safe when Paula is working with them. She has a deep understanding of the importance of safety for residents and staff and has provided invaluable feedback and suggestions to the clinical team on improvements needed for equipment and comfort of residents.

From her nominator, Michelle Hatfield (Director of Care):

“Thank you for your contribution to our amazing health team Paula, you have been an amazing and constant support for the Health and Nursing team. You have been an instrumental pillar of stability to the nursing team and I am proud and grateful that you have chosen to work with us at Origin.”

From Lisa Rempel, Assistant Director of Care:

“Paula is an incredible care aid. She has a kind, nurturing, caring, warm and friendly attitude in all aspects of her work. She is a great team member, often leading the care team and displaying an interest in learning new ways to support her residents. I am honored to work alongside her in Origin at Longwood.”

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