2023 BC Care Provider of the Year Award in Assisted Living Nominees (Part 1)

Every year, the BC Care Awards celebrate excellence in British Columbia’s seniors’ living and wellness sector by recognizing care providers for their passion, dedication, and ability to inspire others. The BC Care Provider of the Year Award is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to quality, compassion and excellence in delivering or supporting the delivery of care to residents or clients.

Read below for the first nominees of the BC Care Provider of the Year Award in the Assisted Living category.

Cathi Mannes, Hamlets at Duncan

Cathi, a dedicated team player, consistently assists residents in assisted living, demonstrating compassion and empathy. Known for honesty and integrity, she actively advocates for residents and participates in all necessary tasks. With nearly three years of service, Cathi values the importance of her role and is always reliable. Her genuine interest in residents, attention to detail, and honest communication contribute to her being a beloved and crucial member of the home.

From residents:


“Cathi is a wonder person, we love having her as our care aide.”

From her colleagues:

“Cathi is a ray of sunshine, we enjoy her kind demeanor and her caring attitude.”

“Cathi has been with the company since the beginning, she is invested in her work, and you can tell she genuinely likes being here.”


Barbara Wood, Maeford Place Assisted Living Residence Partnership

As an AL Coordinator/LPN, Barbara consistently goes above and beyond to provide the best care for residents at Maeford Place. She proactively communicates with physicians and pharmacies on behalf of residents, ensuring their health needs are met. Barbara engages with residents and their families to understand their assistance requirements, striving to create a thriving experience. In the event of any health or safety changes, she promptly collaborates with families and primary care nurses to develop effective solutions, demonstrating her commitment to resident well-being. Barbara’s dedication encompasses proactive communication, accommodation for each resident, and collaborative problem-solving to enhance the overall care experience at Maeford Place.

From her nominator, Melissa Appenrodt (General Manager at Maeford Place):

“Barbara does everything that she can in her scope of practice as we have more complexities of residents than what an assisted living facility should have, but Barbara always takes it in stride and encourages residents to do what they can for themselves but that she is always there to assist them with what she can or find the resources to help them so that they can stay at Maeford Place as long as they are healthy enough to.”


David Janzen, Menno Place

Currently a Building Systems & Emergency Response Coordinator, David has excelled in various roles in his 31 years of service at Menno Place. As a horticulturist and 4th Class Power Engineer, David has advanced building systems, including technology and emergency response coordination. In his role as Emergency Response Coordinator, Dave’s diligent training efforts saved lives during two separate 2023 fire incidents. He responded with professionalism, served as a liaison with the Abbotsford Fire Department, and led restoration efforts, showcasing transparent communication and a resident-centric perspective. Dave’s consistent dedication to emergency response training, building systems, and transparent communication has instilled confidence in staff and residents, preventing harm and ensuring the safety of Menno Place.

From a resident:

When there was a fire in another apartment suite, my apartment was flooded. It was both upsetting and revealing. Upsetting as my world was turned upside down due to water damage and restoration. I was moved to a guest suite in another building. It was revealing to see how safe Menno Place is for us who live here. Behind the fire safety, the evacuation, the restoration and the staff response was someone who is responsible for the training and coordination of what went on that day and the following days and weeks. It was only later I learned that someone is David Janzen, our Building Systems & Emergency Response Coordinator. Kudos to Dave on his great leadership and work!”


Khysen Quintia, Elim Village:

Khysen, LPN Team Lead at Fleetwood Elim Campus, exhibits unwavering dedication to resident care, emphasizing quality, compassion, and excellence. Her oversight of both Assisted and Independent Living residents reflects a commitment to personalized support, fostering meaningful connections with each individual. Notably, Khysen’s recent exceptional effort in assisting a 100-year-old resident with respiratory needs underscores her commitment to preserving the comfort of Assisted Living. Her tireless work sets a high standard of care, creating an environment where residents thrive with dignity. Khysen’s dedication extends beyond her role, as she stays until every matter is resolved, showcasing exceptional leadership and adaptability, particularly during a two-month vacancy where she assumed additional responsibilities seamlessly. Her competence and dedication make her a valuable asset to the team.

From Stephanie Chand, Care Manager:

“Khysen’s exceptional dedication—always sporting a smile, she consistently goes the extra mile, assisting with month-end billing, and embodying unwavering reliability.”

From Marian Heemskerk, Director of Community Life:

“Khysen’s unique blend of technique, style, and unwavering commitment sets her apart. With a mix of mathematical precision, scientific understanding, and a warm personality, she navigates the complexities of her role with unparalleled grace. Khysen’s vast breadth of knowledge and versatile skill set not only enriches the Elim team but also enhances the quality of care provided. Her presence is a blessing, elevating the standard of excellence within our community.”


Ian Wall, The Peninsula (Trillium Communities)

Ian has been a dedicated team member at Trillium Communities for 18 years, consistently bringing joy and humor to residents with his infectious smile and wicked sense of humor as an RCA. His respectful and advocacy skills make him a wonderful advocate for his residents, and his commitment extends to dressing up in costumes to bring additional cheer. Families appreciate Ian’s thoughtful communication and experience and are very fond of him. During the 2019 snowstorms, Ian went above and beyond by offering to stay in the guest suite and working consecutive days to ensure residents were well cared for when other staff faced challenges getting to work. In a remarkable display of dedication, Ian, after a car accident in 2023, declined an ambulance ride to the emergency room, opting for a taxi instead to ensure he could promptly return to work.

From a resident family member:

“It is difficult to put into words the gratitude I feel [towards Ian] in terms of what [he] contributed to my Mom’s life. Perhaps [he has] an understanding of how talented [he is in his] career. […] Both mom and Bill spoke very fondly of [him] and looked forward to the humor [he] shared everyday [he] entered their suite. That Ian is just perfect for this place. He always has a story to tell that makes us laugh and makes our day better.”

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