2023 BC Care Provider of the Year Award in Assisted Living Nominees (Part 2)

The BC Care Provider of the Year Award celebrates individuals of distinction, particularly those who exhibit commitment to the best quality of care for seniors. Winners will officially be announced in January 2024 and will be presented their awards at the BC Care Awards ceremony in Victoria, B.C. on February 27, 2024.

Read below for more about five nominees in the Assisted Living category.

Tara Scheirer, Bevan Village

Tara has been a dedicated member of Bevan Village since December 20, 1995, initially serving as a care aide in long-term care and later transitioning to the assisted living floor as a med aide in 2020. Known for her dependability, professionalism, kindness, and loving demeanor, Tara possesses a diligent work ethic and is always willing to lend a hand. She actively supports the well-being of seniors by promoting ambulation, encouraging proper nutrition, and taking extra moments to check on those not feeling well. Tara’s commitment to seniors and her joy in their company have kept her at Bevan for so long. Beyond her daily responsibilities, she goes above and beyond, assisting with training new team members, contributing to projects like the Fall prevention initiative, and ensuring care plans are current. Quick to offer help to colleagues, seniors, or managers, Tara’s contributions and caring nature make her an invaluable part to Bevan Village.

From a student:


“Tara is an amazing preceptor, she provides guidance, is friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I am so lucky to have her as my preceptor.”

From her director:

“I think Tara is very deserving of this award due to her commitment to seniors care, her great tenure and permanent smile.”


Dan Ryan de Guzman, Chartwell Retirement Residence

As an HCA, Ryan consistently goes above and beyond in caring for residents at Chartwell Retirement Residence, exceeding satisfaction with his compassion and personalized approach. He always takes the time to listen and understand residents’ concerns, advocating for their well-being beyond expectations. Loved by all residents, Ryan addresses them by first name, maintaining eye contact and using impactful words to convey care. His conscientious response to unexpressed needs demonstrates empathy, and he spends extra time ensuring each resident’s specific needs are met. Ryan goes beyond the care plan, engaging in meaningful conversations and actively personalizing the experience for residents. Families appreciate Ryan’s professionalism and expedient response to emergencies, recognizing his genuine care for their loved ones.

From his colleagues:

“Ryan is a very dependable co-worker. He always attends to the needs of the residents even though it is not part of his job.”

“I do not even know where to begin – Ryan is the best. He is so positive, empathetic and caring. The residents absolutely love him, and we are so lucky to have him here at the Chatsworth.”

“I am consistently impressed with Ryans professionalism, how he seeks opportunities to improve the lives’ of the residents and his co-workers everyday. I appreciate his open communication skills and propensity for advocating for resident needs.”


Nancy Mittathanickal Georg, Kaigo Senior Living

An exceptional care aid, Nancy stands out for her compassion, demonstrated through her willingness to help others daily at Kaigo Senior Living, Heritage Square. Her in-depth knowledge of residents’ care is complemented by a personal connection with each individual, surpassing that of her peers. When Nancy enters a room, residents’ faces light up, reflecting the calming and bright energy she brings to work. Her contagious compassion extends to orchestrating tasks that allow residents to support each other. Despite personal challenges, Nancy consistently arrives at work with a smile, dedicating herself wholeheartedly. Whether in common areas or residents’ suites, she stays busy assisting with various tasks and lending a supportive ear, bringing invaluable qualities beyond what can be taught in school.

From residents:

“I love it when Nancy comes into my suite in the morning, she always has a smile on her face. She’s so smiley it’s contagious.”

“Nancy will never say no when I ask her for help. When I’m doing my laundry, she will walk with me all the way to the washer and dryer and talk with me. She makes all the daily chores so much better. She cares about us so much, like we are family.”


Rebecca Chiu, SUCCESS Multi-Level Care Society

As an LPN at SUCCESS Multi-Level Care Society, Rebecca consistently delivers exceptional care and spiritual support to residents, demonstrating proficiency in assisting with both ADLs and IADLs while prioritizing safety and comfort. As a healthcare professional, she serves as an advocate by connecting families, medical professionals, case managers, and community resources to benefit residents. Rebecca dedicates herself to elderly residents with compassion and respect for their individual care needs, consistently displaying thoughtfulness and genuine concern. Her contributions include personalized interactions with residents, addressing concerns, organizing cooking classes, assisting with grocery shopping, and facilitating the renewal of a B.C. care card for a resident without local family. Additionally, Rebecca proactively engages volunteers to support residents dealing with depression, exemplifying her commitment to enhancing the well-being of those in her care.

From her nominator:

“She has been recognized by the residents as a substitute family caregiver at the [home]. This is in line with the organization’s vision ‘Care for the Seniors Like Our Own,’ so that she has been building a trust relationship with the residents and families in her care and advice. It was described by the residents as a ‘big family’ between them and staff. She has also been given the families comfort that their loved one are well taken care of. Her caring and respectful attitude makes the team happy at work, so the staff loves her and happy to work with her and commented she was a good model.”


Megan Goss, Retirement Concepts

Megan is a Community Relations Manager at Retirement Concepts. Here, Megan volunteered to care for a dog named Scarlet, whose owner in Assisted Living was unable to provide proper care. Initially, Megan committed to looking after Scarlet during the owner’s work hours, eventually offering to take the dog home permanently. This compassionate act not only alleviated the emotional difficulty for the resident but also ensured Scarlet would receive love and proper care. Megan, at her own expense, took Scarlet to the vet and discovered several health concerns resulting from neglect. Despite these challenges, Scarlet is now safe in her new forever home, thanks to Megan’s dedication and compassion.

From her colleagues:

At first our resident was absolutely non receptive to the idea of possibly having to lose her beloved dog. Through several conversations with myself and her family, she stated she will move out if she can’t keep Scarlet. After one meeting with Megan, seeing the love and care Megan showed Scarlett she immediately established comfort and trust and was willing to say goodbye to Scarlet knowing she will be loved as much as she should be.”

Very kind of Megan to step forward, very caring and considerate. I used to try to help walk the dog when I could, but Megan is very knowledgeable about pets and the dog is in good hands now.”


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