2023 BC Care Provider of the Year Award in Assisted Living Nominees (Part 3)

BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) and EngAge BC presents five additional nominees in the BC Care Provider of the Year Award | Assisted Living. The Association will continue featuring nominees across award categories and will announce winners in January 2024.

Take a look at a selection of nominees in the Assisted Living category below.

Liana Robinson, Retirement Concepts – Kamloops Seniors Village

A Health Care Aid at Retirement Concept’s Kamloops Seniors Village, Liana is an outstanding employee known for her dedication, compassion, and commitment to the team. She creates a positive work environment by going above and beyond, often staying late and coming in early to ensure the team’s success. Liana’s tireless efforts and enthusiasm significantly contribute to the group’s achievements. Beyond her professional skills, her kind and compassionate demeanor fosters unity and makes her an indispensable asset to colleagues and the organization. As a new grandmother, Liana exemplifies unwavering dedication by prioritizing the well-being of her “grandmas and grandpas” and consistently putting others before herself.

From her colleague, Amanda:


“From the time I started working as a housekeeper over 14 years ago Liana has been a mentor, watching her interact with the residents and the staff and even students was what made me want to become a HCA. Even as a housekeeper she was a wealth of knowledge to me and took me in as one of the team. When I became an HCA and took a line in the IL/AL it became clear I was in good hands as I was trained. She is patient and caring and takes you through things step by step whether you are a new hire or a student. She has shown me what working in a care home is all about, it’s not just the paperwork. It is the caring, listening and the little things like fixing TV’s or opening a bottle. Liana is truly the best caring mentor and friend to all that she meets.”


Sandi Trottier, Heritage Square CareCorp Services

Working in Recreation and Housekeeping at Heritage Square CareCorp Services for over 16 years, Sandi exceeds expectations with her energy and support in Assisted Living. She is highly experienced and offerd support across all departments. Sandi is a welcoming resource for new staff and leadership, advocating strongly for tenants’ best service. Utilizing her team and connections, she ensures tenants receive optimal care and services. Sandi is known for her neutral energy, fostering connections within the team and earning love from tenants.

From her colleague, Sharon C.:

Sandi is incredibly knowledgeable with her years of service here and she shares her experience and understanding of everything in such a respectful and inclusive way. Sandi is very understanding and resourceful with conflict or concerns. She is a very supportive member of the team who will allow the others to communicate any concerns with things. She will support from all angles without judgement, opinions or remorse and also provide support in what resources are available or who to bring concerns forward to. Shows strong leadership, Sandi is always a positive energy at Pioneer Square and she is so fun and great with the tenants.”

Jagjeet Puri, Strive Living Society:

A nurse at Strive Living Society since 2012, Jagjeet transitioned from a casual position to head nurse at Freedom Place Assisted Living, specializing in care for young adults with physical disabilities for about 7 years. Described as quiet, kind, and empathetic, Jagjeet consistently provides quality care to residents and support to the staff. Despite challenging situations, she remains patient, actively listens, and collaborates with the team to offer quality support and solutions. Jagjeet’s hard work, dedication, and compassionate attitude have made a significant impact at Freedom Place. She is known for actively listening to concerns, building positive rapport with residents, staying as long as necessary, and willingly taking on extra tasks to assist residents without expecting overtime or flex time. Jagjeet consistently volunteers to help with various tasks, demonstrating her commitment to the well-being of both residents and staff.

From her colleagues

“Jagjeet is a sweetheart. I loved working with her when I was with Strive as she is always keen to help, is always positive and seems to just really care for everyone at the workplace. We all appreciate her immensely.” – Krista, LPN

From residents:

“Jagjeet is extremely friendly, kind and approachable. Whenever I ask for something, she is quick to help me out with whatever I ask for.”

“Jagjeet is very helpful, attentive and kind. She treats me well and seems to get things done.”

Vanette Balacua, Strive Living Society

Vanette, a nominee by many residents, is a quiet and unassuming individual who radiates kindness and warmth in her interactions as an Assisted Living worker. Approachable and reliable, she is known for actively listening and helping residents when needed. Vanette contributes a positive energy to the workplace, avoiding toxic behaviors like exclusion and gossip. She has built excellent rapport with residents, appreciated for her upbeat and kind personality at Liberty Place. Notably, Vanette stands out for her sincere pursuit of continuous learning to enhance both her professional abilities and personal growth. She willingly supports her co-workers, initiates social activities for residents, and actively seeks opportunities for self-improvement through courses, seminars, and reading. Always ready to provide laughter, commiseration, and kind words, Vanette brings light and levity to the workplace, especially in the face of stress and frustration in her field.

From residents:

Vanette is kind and pleasant. She also takes the time to help other people and is fun to have to play games with plus she is polite and makes us feel safe and happy.”

“Vanette is fun and approachable. Always in a good mood. There are many good staff here but she’s consistently nice and friendly.”


Gladys Chan, SUCCESS Multi-level Care Society 

As an LPN at Austin Harris Residence for 5 years, Gladys demonstrates consistent commitment to resident care and updates on loved ones’ needs to resident family members. She actively builds rapport with families, making them feel comfortable discussing concerns. In addition to providing steadfast care, Gladys mentors new LPN staff, nurtures Assisted Living Attendants, and guides practicum students, showcasing responsibility and resourcefulness. Notably, she goes above and beyond to assist residents without family during moves to long-term care taking the time to pack essential items and ensuring their needs are met. Gladys also prioritizes the safety of residents without family, regularly checking the expiry dates of food items and ensuring their well-being.

From colleagues:

“Gladys is very dependable. If there is an issue, she is a great team lead and would prioritize to help out team members. She would take the time to discuss with the other teammates after an event to ensure there is a learning opportunity for them.”

From family members:

“Gladys is very gentle with the seniors. She is very patient and ensures that the seniors understand the messaging. She is always on-top of things and we have full trust in her.”


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