2023 BC Care Provider of the Year Award in Assisted Living Nominees (Part 4)

Following our previous nominee profiles for the BC Care Provider of the Year Award | Assisted Living, we are pleased to announce the final nominees in this category.

Harleen Khaira, Chartwell Churchill House Retirement Residence

Harleen leads a previously neglected department and has established processes to ensure compliance and provide quality care services as a Health and Wellness Manager at Chartwell’s Churchill House. Her team prioritizes the well-being of residents which is reflected in consistently high satisfaction ratings. Harleen has implemented effective administration practices, including checks and balances, and regularly engages with residents who need support. She has improved the practice of escorting and cueing new residents, extending it from 3 days to 1 week for better settling. As the nurse, Harleen handles resident isolation decisions, personally delivering a weekly menu and explaining the isolation process to residents, ensuring understanding and support.

From Zay Rahimbux, General Manager:

I often hear from the families that Harleen is always quick to return calls, and is diligent with follow up which puts the families’ minds at ease. Team members often comment on her efficiency, her knowledge and skill level, as well as how approachable she is and how much they enjoy working with her and respect her.”



Kirstin Truman, Chartwell Birchwood Retirement Residence

As a Health and Wellness Manager (LPN) at Chartwell Birchwood Retirement Residence, Kirstin demonstrates an unwavering commitment to quality and compassion in resident care, maintaining an open-door policy for residents and families while actively participating in events to spread joy. Her support extends across departments, playing a key role in the management team and engaging in daily tasks to create a vibrant community. Kirstin’s advocacy for residents embracing community life sets a positive example, fostering a compassionate environment throughout the residence. She surpasses job expectations by coaching her staff to proactively seek feedback, ensuring personalized support services. Kirstin’s dedication extends to community events, creating an enriching experience for residents and reflecting a genuine investment in improving lives within the community.

From Teresa Allier, Director of Care, Western Canada:

“Kirstin Truman truly exemplifies being a ‘nurse.’ She is kind, caring and compassionate. While often putting others first, she provides care and unwavering support to not only her residents, but their families and her staff as well. She has a calming presence and is able to provide reassurance to her residents, even during the toughest times. Kirstin is strong advocate for her residents she works with empathy and determination to ensure their needs are safely met. Kirstin has been a mentor for many new Health and Wellness Managers over the years. She is always willing to “jump in” to assist others or to share her ideas and best practices with her peers. Whether you are a resident, residents’ loved one or a co-worker, Kirstin will touch your life and you will never forget how she made you feel.”


Moyra Cameron, Baptist Housing – Hallmark on the Park

A valuable member of Hallmark on the Park for ten years, Moyra takes on multiple roles within the community, including part-time work in recreation, casual Concierge, and casual dining assistant. Her primary passion lies in operating the Hallmark bus, providing essential shuttle services for residents’ appointments, visits to loved ones, and recreational outings. In the activities department, Moyra organizes meaningful events and conducts crafting classes, showcasing her exceptional skills and creating engaging experiences. Known for her compassion, Moyra actively supports residents’ independence and fosters relationships, personalizing her care to their needs. She prevents loneliness by organizing games and gatherings, cultivating lasting friendships. Moyra’s willingness to help in any area is recognized and valued by her team, showcasing her commitment to ensuring residents’ well-being and enjoyment.

From a team member:

“Moyra puts residents first. From their safety on the bus, to the fun they have in activities and the reliable service she gives both at the front desk and in the dining room, she truly is a team member who serves wholeheartedly. Moyra is approachable, reliable, and caring. She loves the residents and is a willing and eager team player. We are thankful she has dedicated so many years to Hallmark, its team, and its residents.”


Elfie Macmeekin, Creekside Landing Assisted Living

Elfie is an outstanding employee known for superb attendance and next-level workmanship as an HCA in Kaigo Living’s Creekside Landing. She is considered an extended family member within the home, actively going over residents’ care plans daily to ensure preparedness for community care. Elfie is quick to recognize changes in residents and follows up with the appropriate people to ensure safety and well-being. She has built wonderful relationships with residents’ families, establishing a personal and professional connection. Elfie is highly regarded as one of the best care aids, with her comprehensive knowledge about residents, including their preferences, family details, and personal histories. She is selfless and compassionate, often spending quality time with residents during breaks to make them feel heard and valued.

From a resident:

“Every morning I wake up, Elfie comes in and checks on me. She knows I’m afraid sometimes that I won’t see another day. Elfie comes in to make sure she is the first thing I see, she is always smiling and brightens my morning. She never makes me feel silly for needing that reassurance. Elfie is the nicest person I have ever met.”


Wanda Corbett, Origin at Longwood

Wanda, in her role as an Assisted Living Care Aid at Origin at Longwood, has made an outstanding contribution by demonstrating a high level of knowledge and skills. She is prompt in meeting resident needs, resolving problems, and escalating concerns when necessary. Wanda exceeds department objectives, displaying attentive and active listening skills, and handles emergencies with sound judgment. She uses downtime effectively, engaging residents in learning new skills and spending one-on-one time with them. Wanda adheres to established work schedules with professionalism, maintaining excellent attendance and a positive attitude. During a challenging period of high staff turnover and cultural change, she remained flexible and supportive, working extra hours to ensure residents received proper care. Wanda, a primary first responder to emergency calls, has consistently shown up and provided unwavering support to both the team and residents, even in upsetting and traumatic situations.

From Michelle Hatfield, Director of Care:

“Wanda has been instrumental in assisting with transitions of care from Independent to Assisted living and helping those individuals with dignity and respect. [She has] provided care confidentially and discreetly to many of our community residents in their time of need.”

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