2023 BC Care Provider of the Year Award in Home Health Nominees (Part 1)

BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) is pleased to have received many nominations for the BC Care Provider of the Year Award, which celebrates exceptional individuals who deliver the best care to our seniors in home health, assisted living and long-term care.

Winners will officially be announced in January 2024 and will be presented their awards at the BC Care Awards ceremony in Victoria, B.C. on February 27, 2023.

Read about four nominees in the Home Health category below.

Hugo Song, Rides by Shylo

Hugo is a remarkable individual known for his positive demeanor and unwavering commitment to his role as a Companion. He willingly accepts any shift, even with less appreciative clients, treating everyone with respect and focusing on their needs. Patient and attentive, Hugo accommodates clients’ preferences, ensuring they enjoy outings, even if it means spending extended periods in a particular shop. The team is confident that clients are in good hands when Hugo is on duty, and he consistently receives compliments from clients who request him as their primary driver. Hugo’s dedication is evident in his punctuality, always arriving early to ensure a clean, well-prepared vehicle, and allowing ample time for clients to safely get in and settled before appointments. He goes the extra mile by staying with clients to ensure their safe arrival and departure, never rushing them and creating a comfortable and reassuring experience reminiscent of how he would want his own aging parents to be treated.


From a client:

“Shylo Rides came to me rescue again when you are not feeling quite perfect.  Hugo was so polite, respectful and considerate in manner, plus a good driver. The air conditioning was turned down as elderly people feel the cold so easily.”

From a colleague:

“[I] always [know] when they book Hugo for a ride that he will be there on time and the client will be happy in the end. He is a reliable employee and a sincere pleasure to work with.”

Dotrie Baptista, Shylo Home Healthcare

A dedicated Caregiver with twenty years of service at Shylo, Dotrie is known for her exemplary care tailored to individual client needs. Whether accompanying a client with dementia to dance classes or assisting another with dietary restrictions, Dotrie consistently goes above and beyond. In a critical moment at a restaurant, Dotrie’s quick response to a potential food allergy prevented a serious health issue, earning gratitude from the client’s family. She remains composed in emergencies, such as searching for a client with dementia or dealing with a stove-related incident. Dotrie’s competence, compassion, and commitment to well-being make her a sought-after Caregiver, and she often goes the extra mile by preparing special dishes for clients. Her actions reflect a deep sense of responsibility and care that is highly appreciated by those she serves and their families.

From her nominator, Margot Ware, President:

“As her employer, we are always confident that when we assign Dotrie to work with a client she will provide the care as required, and more. We also very much appreciate that Dotrie will promptly call and alert us to any concerns she may have about the client. If she thinks of something that will improve the client’s wellbeing, she will alert us; if she is concerned about a change in a client; s condition, she will alert us; if she notices something in the client’s environment that is unsafe or could cause stress to the client, she will alert us. Dotrie is a dream to work with.”

Simarjot Ghanash, Elizz

Simarjot, a dedicated community health worker, provides continuity of care to several clients, demonstrating reliability and dedication by working 5-6 times a week and using public transport to travel across locations. She is well-respected and liked by both clients and their families. Simarjot goes beyond her scheduled availability, often working outside regular hours to meet the needs of her clients. She systematically delivers holistic care, exercising patient-centric advocacy and promptly communicating with management about client care safety concerns. Simarjot utilizes foundational nursing skills, actively communicates with clients, shows empathy and compassion, listens in group scenarios, tracks detailed notes of care tasks, advocates for clients without social support, and communicates effectively regarding any schedule delays.

“Simarjot accepted shifts 7am-9am for essential client HA. for five mornings in Oct. although she originally requested the days off. Simarjot is a regular community health worker for this client and understood that since no one else was available for this visit, the client would go without care. Simarjot was thanks by the client’s mother for her commitment to the client and her willingness to provide a stable schedule for her.”

Anivilaa Fortaleza, Living Well Home Care Services

Anivilla is nominated for her exceptional dedication, compassion, and outstanding service as a Caregiver and Community Health Worker, consistently going above and beyond for clients. Her gentle and caring approach has made her highly requested by clients, with many exclusively wanting her services. Anivilla’s passion for helping the community and her coworkers is evident, and she has been a valuable part of the agency for 20 years. She extends beyond routine tasks, providing acts of kindness and reassurance that significantly impact the daily lives of her clients. Anivilla’s willingness to accept last-minute shifts, punctuality, and positive attitude make her an exceptional caregiver, fostering a positive and healing environment. She has earned the most accolades among all caregivers, and recognizing her contributions highlights the importance of compassionate caregiving in the community.

From a resident family member:

“I am very, very sad that I won’t see our beloved Annie anymore. She brought so much joy to my mom and to our family. I remember my mom saying to her, ‘I really like you Annie so much.’ She looked forward to all her visits and became like part of our family.”

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