2023 Care Provider of the Year Award in Long-Term Care Nominees (Part 6)

The BC Care Provider of the Year Award celebrates individuals of distinction, particularly those who exhibit commitment to the best quality of care for seniors.

Award winners will officially be announced in January 2024 and will be presented their awards at the BC Care Awards ceremony at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, B.C. on February 27, 2024.

Read below for more about five nominees in the Long-Term Care category.

JC Circuela

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, JC demonstrates quality, compassion, and excellence as she strives to get to know each and every one of the residents at AgeCare Harmony Court. Rather than simply staying on her unit, JC makes a special effort to go and visit residents throughout the community. JC creates a comfortable and fun environment for our older adult residents through her humour and positive energy, making each resident feel at home.


From Lauren Baltazar, Director of Care at AgeCare Harmony Court:

“JC has excellent leadership skills and works beyond and above her job description. She displays professionalism at all times and has maintained an excellent working relationship with residents, family members, guests, colleagues and everyone she interacts with in our community.”

Valerie LeRoy:

Valerie’s quality of work as a Recreation Aide is seen everyday at AgeCare Glenwarren. She is always willing to sit and listen to concerns and meet the residents at the point of their emotional needs. She makes strong engagement and connections with residents who are in end-of-life care and who are non-responsive to most of the world. Leading many successful programs, such as singing, creative writing, baby therapy and watercolour painting, Valerie positively impacts the everyday lives of residents at Glenwarren.

From Thomas Bowden, Recreation Manager at AgeCare Glenwarren:

“When I first started at AgeCare Glenwarren there was not a lot of stimulus or engagement from residents. You would walk down the hallways and residents would have a vacant look on their faces. Since her start just over a year ago, everything has changed – the hallways are full of colour, and resident art projects, music and laughter fill the home.”

Joyce Leung

Since the beginning of her 11 years as a Food Service Worker with SUCCESS KY Lee Seniors Care Home, Joyce has been a caring and dedicated staff to our seniors since the very beginning. Despite working in the kitchen, she always has a positive attitude and takes the time to remember each resident’s personal meal preferences. When she is on the floor serving residents their meals, always takes time to go around the dining room to talk to the seniors to ask them how the meal service was. Going beyond her scope of work, Joyce is always thinking of ways to enhance the dining experiences of seniors because of her passion and dedication to them.

From Fiona Yuen, Recreation Therapist at SUCCESS Ky Lee Seniors Care Home:

“Our residents would not have had the wonderful dim sum dining experience without Joyce’s help in setting the cutlery just like it was in a restaurant. We had so many family and residents compliment on the whole dining experience and how the seniors loved to be able to pour their own tea using traditional teapots and cups and using chopsticks to eat (normally use forks at mealtimes). Joyce always goes the extra miles for our seniors and she is so supportive in all our special events.”

Beverly Tanseco

As an Executive Director, Bev has demonstrated that she is fully committed to person-centred care, ensuring that the older adult residents of AgeCare Holyrood feel respected, seen and heard and have their individual needs met. She has worked hard at promoting resident engagement, encouraging staff to get to know those living at the home and also getting to know them herself. For example, Bev identified several residents who had specific talents and worked with the Recreation manager and department to provide a platform for these residents.

From a colleague:

“Bev has made coming to work a pleasure for me. Working through Covid was very exhausting and challenging at times and many care staff felt the impact of this on their overall well-being. It wasn’t long after Bev started as ED at AgeCare Holyrood that the atmosphere shifted and it was as if we all felt the weight we carried became a little lighter and then a lot lighter. Bev is responsible for changing the atmosphere at Holyrood. It was not an easy task, but she was committed to creating a working environment that is welcoming, safe and friendly.”

Samantha Antoniak

Samantha is a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator who always goes above and beyond every day at Hawthorne Seniors Care Community. Taking great pride in her work, Samantha ensures both residents and volunteers have meaningful connections. Samantha has set up volunteer led programs which are being led by volunteers and assisting in meeting the needs of a larger group of residents, which in turn, helps volunteers build up their skillsets, take ownership and pride in their work. With residents who do not participate in group programs regularly, she takes time to visit them. Samantha is a kind and compassionate person who has a great ability to engage with residents and help them fulfill their goals.

From a colleague, Vanessa Bavaro:

“Those who know Sam know that she is a wonderful and caring soul. She supports those around her without hesitation and will gladly lend her time and energy to help those in need. Her passion for her role is evident by her strong work ethic, connections with residents, family, and other staff, and her eagerness to continue to do her best every day. She is an amazing coworker and practitioner – working with her has been a highlight of my time here.”

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