Delta Care Home Lauded By Regular Visitors

We are pleased to share with you a recent letter to the editor which was published in the Delta Optimist newspaper regarding one of our members. It is great to see caring individuals take the time to put pen to paper and recognize the staff at Westshore Laylum for the great work they do each day.


Dear Editor:

There is nothing to see when you drive by but everything to see when you drop in.

We know the people that live in this home. We visit them a lot.ResCare_WestShoreLaylum_ext


It is not surprising such great effort has gone into making the Christmas season so beautiful as this home celebrates every season.

But, oh, there is something about Christmas, and those in charge of decorating do it so well.

In every room there’s a tree where every decoration seems to be so thoughtfully placed. Bright, tiny lights sprinkled amongst garland branches are wrapped around pillars and hang from on high.

On the mantel, draped with cotton snow, stands the Magi. Oh, and let us not forget, nestled in the corner and lifted up so all who pass by may look in and wonder, is the Nativity Scene.

Wherever one looks, it’s a Christmas feast for their eyes.

And for their noses? We have been there on many occasions and been met by the wafting of yumminess.

The cook offers up freshly baked cookies and other marvelous treats and they are always served with a smile. The atmosphere is festive and the love and care expressed to all who live and visit is genuine.

And when the Christmas season is over and the decorations that have been admired and appreciated are all neatly put away until next year, it is true to say the care and love does not stop in this household. It carries on all year round.

We know this to be true because we visit a lot.

Thank you to the staff of Westshore Laylum Care Home. Thank you for the great job you all do in making a house a home.

Merry Christmas.

Sandra, Clare and Kim Scott

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