SafeCare BC Launches New #EndBullying Campaign

SafeCare BC has just launched a new campaign to #EndBullying in the workplace. Find out more about the campaign and its many tools and resources below. You can also find out more by visiting


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If you work in health care, chances are you’ve experienced or witnessed bullying and harassment in the workplace. You probably know first-hand how bullying can negatively impact the person targeted. But bullying doesn’t just hurt the person it’s directed at. Bullying affects us all. The month of February is national anti-bullying month. Join SafeCare BC and hundreds of continuing care staff across the province as we unite to #EndBullying in the workplace.

Why focus on bullying?

Bullying and harassment doesn’t just affect the person targeted – it affects us all. Bullying…

  • Damages trust between colleagues
  • Impairs communication
  • Lowers self-esteem of those targeted and those who witness it
  • Decreases the quality of care for residents
  • Decreases the safety of care and the safety of the workplace

Worksafe BC legally requires all employers to develop and implement a written policy statement clearly declaring that workplace bullying and harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Do you have a statement?


Join the movement to #EndBullying

Download this poster which reminds us about what it takes to be a team
Download this poster which reminds us about what it takes to be a team

Help create a more respectful, healthier workplace by making a pledge to #EndBullying. Over the next 30 days, challenge yourself and your coworkers to get involved and help #EndBullying. It’s as easy as trying out some of the activities posted in our special feature section, “The Huddle”, or posting our #EndBullying poster in your workplace. Join the movement and spread the word! Check out “The Huddle” and “Safety in 60 Seconds” below for great bite-sized tips and tools!

TeleForum- Workplace Detox: Addressing Bullying in Continuing Care

telephoneSafeCare BC invites you to take part in a teleforum on March 4th, 2015 as we explore strategies eliminating bullying and harassment in your workplace. You will:

      • Learn what bullying and harassment looks like
      • Understand your responsibilities and the responsibilities of your workplace
      • Discover practical ways to create more respectful, inclusive environments

When: March 4, 2015 Time: 11-12PM Cost: Free


Safety in 60 Seconds

Quick, bite-sized tips and tools for managers and OH&S committee members to help create more respectful, healthier workplace.

For tools and resources to #EndBullying, click here.

The Huddle

Looking for a group education exercise that can be done in 10 minutes or less? The Huddle has activity kits that can be used in safety huddles, staff meetings, or as a part of an in-service. Special for February, we’ve compiled a great list to support your organization’s #EndBullying initiatives for you.

For tools and resources to #EndBullying, click here.

Find out more about the campaign, or share what you are doing by clicking here.

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