Council to Reduce Elder Abuse Accepting Grant Applications


The multi-sector Council to Reduce Elder Abuse (CREA) was established pursuant to the provincial government’s Together to Reduce Elder Abuse – B.C.’s Strategy . With funding provided by the Government of British Columbia, CREA is providing grants of up to $50,000 for projects, involving partnerships between organizations, that further the TREA Strategy’s and CREA’s goal to reduce elder abuse in B.C. Therefore, CREA is soliciting “Letters of Intent” from organizations.

If your organization, jointly with partners, is interested in exploring funding opportunities for projects that meet the eligibility criteria (see Appendix 1), we encourage your organization (as lead organization in the partnership), jointly with the other organizations in the partnership, to prepare a Letter of Intent (maximum two pages), which must include all of the following:

  • Name of applicant organization and partner organizations, and their field(s) of work;
  • Address/email/phone number/website of lead organization (if available);
  • Contact person in lead organization;
  • A very brief description of your project idea, including how it relates to the TREA Strategy and CREA priorities (see Appendix 1);
  • Where the project would take place (community and setting);
  • Why this project is important;
  • What is the gap in programs or services that this project addresses;
  • Who would be involved (including the other organizations);
  • When it would start and end;
  • What outcome or impact it would achieve;
  • Who would be the beneficiaries of the project; and
  • A very brief budget (maximum $50,000), not to include purchase of capital assets. Please note that this is one-time funding only.

Please see Appendix 2 for “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Please send a Letter of Intent, electronically, to the B.C. Association of Community Response Networks, with “CREA Capacity Grant Application” in the subject line, at, by 4:00 p.m. on January 9, 2015.

For more information, download the full Call for Letters here.


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