SafeCare BC Launches Safety Video on “Homo-Laborious”

What do a police officer and a construction worker have in common? The question sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but the answer is anything but, they have fewer workplace injuries than continuing care workers. This reality is surprising to many. But more importantly, it raises a crucial question: What can we do to take better care of those who take care of others?

Earlier this summer SafeCare BC launched its “Be Care Aware” campaign with two simple goals: spark the conversation around workplace safety, and create a call-to-action to initiate change. SafeCare BC is challenging you as someone working in the sector to create positive change. Everyone, regardless of their role within an organization, has something to contribute.

Share the video below with your friends and colleagues to support the conservation of the Homo-Laborious species. Visit to learn more about how you can Be Care Aware and access the many available safety resources.


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