100 Days Injury Free At Kaigo Retirement Communities

safecare logo vector white backgroundLast month, SafeCare BC launched the Be Care Aware campaign aimed at raising awareness around the importance of safety in the workplace.

Following the launch of the campaign, SafeCare BC shared the success of Kaigo Retirement Communities. Last summer, Kaigo redesigned their approach to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) to improve workplace safety throughout their organization. Just last month, Kaigo proudly reached a new milestone of 100 days injury-free. Read the full story below, or visit the SafeCare BC website here.

100 Days Injury-Free

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Staff At Kaigo Retirement Communities Celebrated 100 Days Injury-Free This Summer

When Wendy Calhoun, Managing Director at Kaigo Retirement Communities, and her OH&S committee gathered to review their monthly injury report last summer, they noticed injury rates to be on an upward trend. With three campuses of care accommodating over 120 complex care residents and nearly 60 assisted living clients, Kaigo faced a significant challenge ahead. “The OH&S committee reviews injury reports at each monthly meeting,” says Calhoun. “At the August 2013 meeting we realized that the number of injuries associated with lifts and transfers was a concern.” Musculoskeletal injuries(MSI) associated with lifts and transfers was not an issue exclusive to Kaigo. Every year over 2600 continuing care staff require time off work due to a work-related injury. To address the issue, management decided to take a proactive approach and revise safety procedures within the workplace. The plan required new thinking while staff needed more injury preventative education said Calhoun. The Kaigo strategy employed a two part system that involved risk assessments of high injury procedures, and spot checks using a client handling assessment form.

Priest's Valley 6-20140611-00407
Staff Enjoying A Celebratory BBQ For Their Safety Success

“Staff participated in an education session on safe lifts and transfers. Staff have also been trained as peer leaders to assist with training new staff on safe lifts and transfers, as well as assisting with spot checks using the Client Handling Spot Check Tool,” says Calhoun. “The OH&S committee members have been very proactive in informing the staff of the importance of proper body mechanics to prevent MSI injuries…Continue reading at safecarebc.ca.


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