SafeCare BC challenges sector to “Be Care Aware”

SafeCare BC has just launched their “Be Care Aware” campaign aimed at increasing awareness of workplace hazards and promoting a culture of safety in the long term care sector.

Join hundred of long term care workers across the province in creating safer workplaces with a simple message: “Be Care Aware”.

Find out more about the Campaign below, or by visiting the SafeCare BC website.


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Did you know long term care workers are 4x more likely to be injured on the job compared to the provincial average? That’s over 120,000 days lost annually, and $23 million in claims paid every year! Every year, over 2 600 workers require time off work due to a work-related injury. This has far-reaching implications, affecting everything from staff retention and facility costs, to staff quality of life and quality of patient care. At SafeCare BC, we believe that everyone has a role to play in creating safer workplaces. We each have something to contribute to help keep ourselves, our colleagues, and the people we care for, safe. In an effort to reduce work-related injuries, we challenge you to join hundreds of your long term care colleagues across the province in creating safer workplaces with a simple message: “Be Care Aware”.


So how does “Be Care Aware” work?

infogrpahic thumbnailIt starts with you. By practicing safe work procedures and promoting a culture of safety in your workplace, you demonstrate that safety matters. You can help spread the message and challenge your colleagues to Be Care Aware:

  • Share our infographic. Share it with your friends and colleagues by emailing it or printing it out.
  • Spread the word. Get online with #BeCareAware and tweet us @SafeCareBC!
  • Get informed. Take advantage of the health and safety resources available on our Resources and Links page.
  • Get involved and encourage others. Participate in our workshops and events, and encourage others to take advantage of upcoming opportunities to get involved.

But most of all, when you are at work, remember to “Be Care Aware”!

For more information about the “Be Care Aware” campaign, and other health and safety news visit the SafeCare BC website.

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