CALTC Begins Renewal Process

Exciting changes are afoot for the Canadian Alliance for Long Term Care (CALTC).

CALTC meeting Ontario 2013
CALTC members meet in Port Severn to discuss future directions of national alliance

At this year’s two-day CALTC conference in Port Severn, Ontario—attended by BCCPA Vice-President Elaine Price and CEO Daniel Fontaine—a decision was made to take the informal, information-sharing alliance to the next level and transform it into a formally incorporated entity with full legal status.

“By formalizing the alliance, CALTC will be able to go beyond the mere sharing of information, insights and best practices,” says Fontaine. “We are hoping it will become a national platform for shared research and lobbying in areas where we share a common interest.”

The decision to formalize the alliance was made on the second day of the conference during a special, facilitated session. By all accounts, the facilitated discussion was not only interesting, it was also clear to all involved that the decade-old alliance was ready to take this next step.

Going forward, the alliance’s vision is to be a leader in the long term care sector and the “go-to” organization in Canada for expertise and quality information. And although CALTC plans to engage the federal government, it also plans to engage the provincial premiers through the Council of the Federation. [quote name=”Daniel Fontaine” pull=”right”]We are hoping it will become a national platform for shared research and lobbying in areas where we share a common interest[/quote]


Once CALTC is formally incorporated, and an Executive Committee established, funding will also be sought to support the hiring of a general manager who can coordinate the organization’s activities.

As the host of next year’s CALTC conference, Daniel Fontaine has also been appointed to the alliance’s interim executive along with a representative from Manitoba, a representative from New Brunswick, and a representative from one of the alliance’s commercial members.

We will continue to report on the alliance’s progress as developments occur.

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