#TellThemYouCare Messages – May 5

Dear Seniors,
Have a happy day.
From, Bentley (age 5)

Hello on this bright and sunny day. My friend’s neighbour had a bird make her nest on the balcony. The little ones hatched yesterday. She has been able to see the mother sit on the nest and now interact with her babies. How wonderful. May you find something to be grateful for today. Sending you lots and lots of love. – Sidney, Victoria

Hello! I hope you are doing well in this tough time. I know its hard not seeing your loved ones and friends during this time, but you can always stay connected! You can write letters, emails, and FaceTime! FaceTime is a great way to keep connected because you can talk with your loved ones but you can also see their faces! – Mikayla, Kamloops

We care! – Reeve, Kelowna

Think happy thoughts! – Velvet, Kelowna
My thoughts are with you at this difficult time! Try to keep a small routine and always embrace your day! Reach out daily to family and friends and know that they treasure you and love you very much!
Biggest hugs

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