#TellThemYouCare Messages – May 4

In this time of isolation we are thinking of you and all your wisdom and strength, may you stay safe.
Hi BC seniors, just wanna let you know we all care about you. You have all been through so much and I believe you can make it through this as well, stay strong and stay safe. – Zach, Kamloops

Hello from Mrs Andersen’s class (Chilliwack). We wanted to send some cheer your way during this difficult time. We hope you enjoy!

Hi, I’m Cedric, the virus is probably frightening for you and you may be a bit lonely, but there are tons of people in this world that care about you and support you during this virus. One important thing to do is, if you’re able to, you should try and contact your family when you need to and have a nice talk with them, also remember to wash your hands and stay 6 feet away from people! I hope you do well through the virus and stay safe!
– Sincerely Cedric.

Hi, my name is Elliott. I am 5 years old. I hope you enjoy my picture!

Dear seniors I know this virus is very hard beacuse no one is allowed to go outside and no one can go anywhere. But soon trust me we will get out of this mess very soon God just needs us to trust him because as soon as we do he will help us. You can save lives too all you need to do is just stay 6 feet apart and if you think you’re sick tell someone fast so they know and they can help you. I also want to tell you that when i grow up i want to go and visit people there. I hope you are having fun and stay safe

Some Students from Division 5 from Betty Huff Elementary

Hello my name is Anna I was asked by my teacher to wright a note to one of the seniors
stuck in quarantine. I would like to start this note off by saying hi how have you been these past few weeks.
hi my name is gavin, i like hockey. i am 8 years old my favourite food is a hot dog my favourite drink is root beer my faourite hockey team is oilers and my favourite player is leon draisaitl.
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