#TellThemYouCare Messages – May 19-24

Charlie is 6 years old. She wanted to do something for the food bank so she set up a table and chair at the front sidewalk. She drew happy pictures and asked for a donation of $1. So far she has raised over $185. What a wonderful giving soul. – Sidney, Victoria

Thinking of you today!
Remember to call your family and friends and stay connected! We love you and wish you good health!
Have a terrific day! Stay in your house coat today if you like… you earned it!
😉 Michelle

I want to share a good story with you. Ellen had it on her tv show today. There was a boy who was being bullied because he wore the same clothes to school every day. Two of his classmates bought him several outfits. He said it was the best day of his life because the bullying stopped. Will Smith, the movie star, was on the show and commended them for their good deed. Ellen gave each of the 3 boys $10,000. One good deed deserves another. There are so many good people in the world doing good things. – Sidney, Victoria

We love you all! Stay safe 🥰

I hope everyone gets better soon. I wish I could help but just don’t have the ability to help. I hope all hospitals can take u in and help you get better. I would love ❤️ for all this to stop so people can stop getting sick 😷 I hope this will stop soon I miss seeing lots of people and I think u do. I would love for everyone to get better soon. I miss everybody and don’t care if u don’t know me I just hope everybody is careful when they leave their home. Love McKenna!♡︎♥︎☺︎︎ ꨄ❦

Good Morning. Yesterday, I told you about Charlie — a 6 year old who raised money for the food bank by drawing happy pictures and asking for donations. Well, she raised far more than expected — $1080. That will feed 130 people for a month. What a sweet soul. – Sidney, Victoria

Thinking about you today!
The photo I sent you is our Golden Retriever named Nala. She is having fun baking in the sun!
Soon you will be able to visit your family and friends more often!  Reach out to them now by calling them!
Take care and stay positive and healthy!
Big hugs from our family to you!

Hope you are staying healthy and positive at this time!
We all can’t wait till this COVID 19 time is over and it will be eventually!  Even Ogopogo in Kelowna can’t wait to take off his mask! Reach out by contacting a family member or friend at this time just to chat!
They will be happy to hear from you as we are All in this together!
Big hugs
Michelle 💜

I have a funny story to share about Marilyn Monroe. She starred in a movie called Some Like It Hot with Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis. While they were filming it, Marilyn kept forgetting her lines. She was supposed to walk across the room, rummage through each drawer of a dresser, find a bottle of booze and say a few sentences. But she forgot what to say. So the director, Billy Wilder, put the lines of dialogue on pieces of paper in every drawer. The next time she went to the wrong piece of furniture. – Sidney, Victoria

Good Morning — another beautiful day. I heard a cute story i want to share with you. A little girl wanted her mother to make a tiny mask for the tooth fairy. When she put it and the tooth under the pillow, the tooth fairy responded with a thank you card saying that was very considerate. Isn’t that cute? – Sidney, Victoria

I wanted to share this story with you. A couple in Sri Lanka was planning a big wedding with all the fixings. Now they are not allowed to have many people come together all at once. So they chose to use all the money they had saved years for. They fed the homeless. What a wonderful gesture. – Sidney, Victoria

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