#TellThemYouCare Messages – May 11-18

You all are really nice and kind along with very funny!

You are not alone. We are thinking of you. We have so much we could learn from you. Thank you. – Molly, Port Moody

Dear Seniors,
I hope you are all staying safe and happy please do not feel lonely during this pandemic just know that we love you – Artin, Port Coquitlam

Just wanted to let you know that people are thinking about you. I’m sorry that you can’t have visitors. I really hope you don’t feel lonely at this time. I hope this message made your day. – Arav, Surrey

We care about you!🥰☺️😊 – Emma, Port Moody


Dear seniors,
I know this must be a hard time for you, but remember we are in this together. Being in this together we are also able to help one another, for example if you are sick we can help. Remember we are in this together so don’t ever feel alone. To tell you we care.😊
Love: Ziyana

Hi, I know the things that are happening today (the virus) must be very scary for you. maybe you have been through a lot in your life and your not alone, we are praying for you every day, God bless.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend — lots of sun and warmth here in Victoria. I am thinking about you and wishing you well. Take very good care of yourself. – Sidney, Victoria

We love and care about our seniors so much, and we hope they receive the best care and are in the best state. We love you!

Hello from one senior to another. Wishing that you are well and happy. I heard a quote from Andy Rooney the other day. He used to be on 60 Minutes tv show.

The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.
– Sidney, Victoria

Dear seniors, coronavirus has affected everyone in horrible way, especially seniors. I just want to let you know you are not alone we all care about you and will do our best to protect you.

My Kindergarten/Grade 1 class from Richmond sends you all our love. You are not alone. We care about you and wish you all the best!
Sending you hugs!
Take care,

I hope you guys are all doing as best as you can throughout these hard times. Sending lots of love your way! – Annabella, Kamloops

So many people care about you. I have been reading some of their messages. Lots of love coming your way from all over the province. Wish we could have a cup of tea together and talk about happy things. Like daffodils, puppies, and comedy shows. – Sidney, Victoria

Good morning. I wanted to share a good news story with you. So many students are unable to have a graduation party this year. So in one high school all the boys in the senior class gave a bouquet of flowers to all the girls in the senior class. Isn’t that wonderful? – Sidney, Victoria

Thank you!
Please stay healthy stay safe!

Our little school wants to show our seniors how much they mean to us. Keep smiling. Keep loving. Stay safe and stay healthy. – Okanagan Falls Elementary

Spring is in full swing!
This photo is taken at Black Mountain Golf Course in Kelowna where I was golfing with my husband. Were you a golfer?
More events and businesses are opening up for all of us at this time.
We are thinking about you and wish you the very best health, happiness and love now and always!
Biggest hugs!

I sent you a photo of my favorite alpine flower. You see this flower all over the hills in Switzerland! They are lovely and I have them growing in my garden in Kelowna!
Hope you have a lovely day! Reach out and call the ones you love as we love you too!
Biggest hugs

May flowers are loving the rain we have here in Victoria. Did you hear about John Hillman? He is 101 years young and walked 101 laps around his Oak Bay courtyard at the senior residence. He finished yesterday (did 5 – 10 laps a day) and wanted to raise $101,000 for a children’s charity. He made around $140,000. What a wonderful selfless act. There were plenty of people cheering him on at the residence. And plenty of people all over BC cheering him on too. – Sidney, Victoria

I hope you aren’t lonely because of the virus. Just know that you are loved.

Another sunny day in Victoria. This year the Victoria Day Parade is cancelled. But CHEK news is showing some highlights from past years. Tune in at 5:30 to see the best of the best on tv. What fun. – Sidney, Victoria

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