#TellThemYouCare Messages – May 1-3

Hello BC seniors, I hope you’re doing well. I understand how lonely it might be right now for you, I’ve been away from my friends and extended family for a super long time and it’s been really hard. Try to keep yourself busy with a good book or some fun hobbies you like, that’s what I’ve been doing when I’m not doing school work. I know all your friends and loved ones are thinking of you during these hard times, keep self-isolating and we will get through these uncertain times together.

Know your always loved! We’re thinking about you. – Leven, Kelowna

Our family are thinking about our seniors at this time! Please stay positive and know that people care for you! We are all in this together and the better days are around the corner! Stay strong and healthy!
Have a lovely day by calling a friend or family member.
Big hugs

We are thinking of you and sending you love and hugs. We are all in this together. Be well, safe and healthy!
It shall pass, we love you – Hadi, Kelowna

I hope you guys are doing well. This self-isolation thing is hard, but everyone is going to get through this okay. Hang in there! – Matthew, Kamloops


Dear BC Seniors,
I hope your all doing well through this time of isolation. You guys have lived through many difficult times and I believe you can survive through this one as well. I hope you all can come out of this and tell your grandkids or great-grandkids about stories of how you lived through many difficult times including this quarantine. I wish for you that you have someone around you that is helping you out and keeping you busy. Everyone is thinking about you in this time of need. I hope you are all still healthy and living your best lives. – Rebekah, Kamloops

Hello BC seniors,
I hope all of you are keeping safe and know that your community cares for your well-being. My students will be posting some messages for you in the coming days.
You are resilient individuals and you will get through this 😊 – Ms. Mahal, Vancouver

Hi! I hope you are doing well and staying safe during this time! my name is Marlee and I’m 14 (almost 15) from Kamloops. if you are feeling lonely during this time of isolation, I hope you know that you are loved and valued for your knowledge and experience. I’m sure your family, friends and loved ones also love and miss you! maybe now is time to try a new hobby!? I love crocheting and sewing to pass the time, along with doing arts and crafts and playing my clarinet! all of these things are super fun and I hope if you try them, that you love them as much as I do. I also love drinking tea (earl gray with cream and sugar is my favorite!) and I find it helps calm me down when I get nervous about the state of our world. please remember that you are loved and valued! (PS I just finished a heart rainbow on the front window of my house to help cheer up my neighborhood! I hope you like it as much as I do!)
with love, Marlee

During these weird times I hope that everyone is safe, healthy, and most importantly happy! If there are moments when you lose hope just remember that people are thinking about you and are working hard to make things better again. Keep smiling, laughing, and stay safe! – Ben, Kelowna

Hi there! My son drew and a picture and some inspiring things to say and a joke to brighten your day! Hope you are staying safe and we are thinking about you ❤️ – Lisa, Chilliwack

Hello, my name is Alyssa. How has your day been going? I hope it has been good so far, especially during these hard times! Personally I’ve been enjoying walking my dogs down by the river with my brother. What about you? Even though we aren’t able to see our family and friends right now I hope that you are still staying in touch with them. Do you have any pets? I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, I love them all so much! They have been keeping me very entertained during isolation. We will always walk our dogs and play with our cats. What are your favourite shows right now? I know that my Grandma really likes watching General Hospital and Young And Restless, whenever I go over there I always get so distracted by the shows and all of the drama that’s in them! But personally I really like Grey’s Anatomy and Friends, they are great shows and both of them have lots of  seasons.I would also like to thank you for everything that you have done or do in our community, because without you our world really wouldn’t be how it is today. Even though things are hard right now I hope that you are able to think back on all of the good that you  have done for our community. So on behalf of everyone I just want to thank you for that. I really hope that you have a great rest of your day and that you’re staying safe!  – Alyssa, Kelowna

Thinking of you today — another beautiful sunny morning and afternoon. Sending best wishes and a big hug your way. Hoping that you are enjoying all the messages and drawings that many people are sending to you. Sending their love to help you through this unusual time. Keeping your spirits up.
here is a little poem to brighten your day
charity race
competing against
cherry petals           Sidney Bending

Do you know how to make a rainbow? The sun and rain! – Elliot, Kelowna

Times may be tough but in life, You can push forwards because people are recovering from the virus. Times may be scary right now but we can make it. Stay healthy.

Stay safe and have a nice summer. Hope for the best for everyone.😊 – Harshaan, Surrey

I am 10 years old. I know this is a very difficult time that we need to stay away from people we love, but we are together in our hearts and this will pass.
Sophia, Richmond

Sending some encouragement and love your way.
First off I would like to tell you HOW IMPORTANT  you are.
You are the ones who led us through a generation. You are the ones who raised children to take care of the next generation.
Thank You!
Now is our time to reach out to you in your time of isolation. We are in this time together and it is so important to listen to Dr. Henry and follow her directives. For by doing this we will be able to visit you once again.
All those who are currently taking care of you right now are doing a tremendous job during these trying times. You may want to credit and thank them for their love and compassion to you as this may spur them on to relieve some pressure and increase your care.
I know you may be thinking it easy for me to talk, being not isolated, you are right. But this does not stop my compassion to those of you in care homes.
Be good my friends, we are almost through this crazy time. In a little while we will be able to visit you all again. ❤️

– Glen, Courtenay

Good Morning to you all. Did you hear about Captain Tom Moore? He is 100 years old and walked (shuffled with his walker) 100 laps in his garden to raise money for Britain’s National Health Service. He made $39 million. What wonderful determination. Wonderful kindness.  The greatest generation. The military gave him a promotion and he received over a thousand birthday cards from all over the world including one from the queen. – Sidney, Victoria

We can do it!

Please stay safe ❤️

TO Laurene Levinson Bridgeview Unit Gorge Rd Hospital
We miss your happy personality so much and hope we can see you soon. However the most important thing is to keep safe and happy
A big group hug from the Monday group we are always thinking about you. tons of love to you and all the residents of your unit.

8 letters were written by a Grade 1/2 class at Roberts Creek Elementary School. We hope some seniors enjoy the messages :) Seona Dalgleish

Dear Seniors,
I hope you are all doing well. Times are getting tougher by the minute, but if you keep you head up high and not let this virus control your life you will make it through this. I know this sucks, but there’s not much we can do about it. Try to occupy your time. It gets your mind off of things for a while. Make the most of what you have. – Rhiannon, Kamloops

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