2023 BC Care Provider of the Year Award in Home Health Nominees (Part 3)

BCCPA presents the final four nominees of the BC Care Provider of the Year Award | Home Health.

Jodi Belzer, Elim Village – Garrison Crossing

As a nurse, Jodi demonstrates exceptional compassion, dedication, and hard work in providing quality home care centered on seniors’ individual needs. She goes beyond the call of duty, organizing programs to help seniors with hygiene products and grocery shopping. Jodi’s compassion extends to personal care for her staff, celebrating birthdays and ensuring everyone is comfortable during meetings. Striving for excellence, Jodi personally addresses seniors’ questions, emergencies, and supports her team’s needs. She played a crucial role in expanding a home care business, overseeing multiple staff and building strong relationships with seniors and their families. Jodi’s commitment, willingness to go above and beyond, and hard work make the home care program very successful.

From her colleagues:

“It is an honor to work alongside someone who puts so much care and attention into their work, supporting the residents as well as her staff. Jodi has a way to make everyone feel heard and connected to the team.  The way she leads the team is admirable as she quietly invests into each one.  It is evident from all the incredible feedback we get from the residents about their care.”


“Jodi embodies all the qualities that come to mind when thinking of both a nurse and leader.  She leads by example, demonstrating her high standards of care, positively influencing colleagues around her. Her empathy and strong skill set is evident as she goes above and beyond to deliver high quality care on a daily basis. It is a privilege to witness her come alongside older adult residents, and their families, giving them the confidence and support needed to age in place.”


Linda Rodgers, Hero Home Care

Linda has been a dedicated caregiver for over 12 years, showcasing exceptional commitment and longevity in an industry known for high turnover rates. Her compassion, work ethic, and commitment to building trust with clients set her apart. Linda’s ability to connect with clients on a meaningful level, even in challenging situations, makes her an invaluable part of the team. She is recognized as the face of the business, representing its brand through her outstanding caregiving skills. Linda’s superpowers extend beyond caregiving, as she excels in home management, addressing clients’ needs, and providing personalized services that go above and beyond expectations.

“Although there are many wonderful caregivers that provide excellent service to the seniors in our community there is one person that I would hire immediately to look after my own parents. Why?  Because Linda does not discriminate. She takes the time to learn her client’s preferences and abilities and adjusts her approach without prejudice. Her client’s appreciate the independence it affords them, and families appreciate the harmony it brings to all involved.” – Director of Care

“One long time client said to me, ‘I don’t know what I would do without her.’ Linda had been caring for this client for over ten years and continued to visit her when she became palliative. Her client knew how much she was loved right up to the very end.” – Care Manager

Tricia Vandrimmelen, Hero Home Care

Trish is a caregiver who embodies qualities every senior would appreciate – warmth, diligence, reliability, trustworthiness, and a heart of gold. She goes above and beyond basic care tasks by actively assessing clients’ health, home, and social care needs, providing valuable insights for customized care plans. Trish consistently receives positive feedback from clients and their families, earning recognition and awards for her exceptional service over her 12-year tenure. Trish is known for her ability to convince a client to visit a doctor after three years, offering unwavering support throughout the process. She elevates meal support by incorporating clients’ favorite foods or restaurant outings into their routine, and she extends her care to clients’ pets, scheduling vet appointments and providing transportation when needed. Trish also serves as a mentor to new caregivers, making them feel welcome and offering valuable insights, and she proudly represents the company in the community, sharing its story with others.

“Tricia is an exceptional caregiver. She is empathetic, warm, and is so committed to her clients and the care she provides them. She often goes above and beyond her duties and ensures her clients are happy before she leaves her visits. All of my clients ask for her and want her on their care team. She was always prepared, maintained a professional appearance, and had a genuine heart for the work that she does. I would without hesitation recommend Tricia to work with all of my clients, and be recognized as Caregiver of the Year.” – Care Manager

Jamie Aspinall, Classic LifeCare

Jamie is a dedicated and educated Registered Health Care Aid in B.C., having completed her HCA course during personal time. With years of experience in home and community care, Jamie exhibits a genuine enjoyment for her work. She provides exceptional care, often going above and beyond for her clients while maintaining professional boundaries. Her compassionate nature fosters trusting relationships with clients and their families, earning recognition from homes where she provides care. Jamie’s commitment is evident in her contribution to a company clothing drive and her extraordinary efforts for a particular client, including taking soiled laundry home, preparing homemade frozen fruit lax, and maintaining continuity of care by picking up shifts outside her availability.

“Jamie is so efficient when she comes to care for our residents. One ne thing that sets her apart is that she takes time with each person to make sure that everyone’s needs have been met. She’s sometimes here until 10:00 p.m., which is unlike any other worker.”

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