CALTC launches election ad campaign in support of long-term care sector

The Canadian Association for Long-Term Care (CALTC) launches public relations campaign calling on all federal parties to make seniors living in LTC a priority

Canada (October 7, 2019) – The Canadian Association for Long-Term Care (CALTC) has launched their federal election public relations campaign today, titled Canada Cares About Our Seniors – Show That You Care.

To date, federal parties have ignored seniors living in long-term care. With only two weeks to go until Election Day, CALTC is shocked that seniors’ care has not been a priority for the parties in this campaign. This awareness campaign will bring attention to what hundreds of thousands of Canadians are keenly aware of — our population is aging, demand for healthcare is rising, our infrastructure is not keeping up, and there are not enough workers to meet demand.

“We know Canadians care about seniors, and we know that overwhelmingly seniors get out to vote,” says Jodi Hall, Chair of CALTC. “Before Election Day, if the parties expect to form government, they must do a better job when it comes to supporting seniors.”

CALTC sent out a release last week critical of the election platforms of all major parties, citing the lack of any mention of the serious pending health crisis faced by Canada’s aging demographic.

With this in mind, the Association is calling on all federal candidates to support two key recommendations for Canadian seniors:

  1. Address the seniors’ care labour crisis through the development of a federal health human resource strategy, support international students in finding employment in long-term care, and invest in data and innovation.
  2. Invest in seniors’ housing where care is provided by expanding federal infrastructure funding to include long-term care and commit to funding new long-term care residences.

CALTC’s campaign videos will be prominently featured across Canada on social media platforms Facebook and YouTube among other venues. Canadians concerned about the lack of attention from the federal parties in addressing the needs of seniors and long-term care are encouraged to share the videos with their networks.


CALTC Campaign Videos

Video 1 — CALTC calls for pan-Canadian health human resources plan

Video 2 — CALTC reminds federal government that long-term infrastructure needs financial support

Video 3 — Our federal elected representatives must show they care about seniors in their community

About the Canadian Association for Long Term Care

The Canadian Association for Long Term Care (CALTC) is a national organization comprised of provincial associations and long-term care providers that deliver publicly-funded health care services for seniors across Canada.

For more information on the Canadian Association for Long Term Care visit or contact Jodi Hall at / 647-453-0173.