CATE training program application deadline extended

The team at BC Care Providers Association (“BCCPA”) were thrilled to learn that our friends at MOSAIC are launching a second cohort of the innovative CATE (“Care-Aide Training for Employment“) program. The deadline for applications has been extended to July 26th (please contact them immediately if interested). BCCPA encourages our service provider members to look into this opportunity – see this link for details of their graduation ceremony attended by CEO Daniel Fontaine. Scroll below to see CATE’s promotional video also featuring Fontaine.

Do you have employees who are internationally trained Health Care Professionals, and they are working casual as care aide/home support worker without certificate/registry? These employees can enrol in CATE and still be working simultaneously.

About CATE

This program is designed to equip Internationally Trained Health Care Professionals with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to become successful Health Care Assistants in the Canadian workplace.

100% of recent graduates who were ready to work are now SUCCESSFULLY employed in the field!

CATE Offers

  • Enrolment in the Health Care Assistant program at Sprott Shaw College. We pay your tuition and program fees of approx. $10,000.00
  • Clinical and Practicum training
  • Employment Assistance Services, Intercultural Competencies training, Job placement and post placement support
  • Childcare and transportation support available to eligible participants (must prove eligibility)

Who is eligible?

In order to join CATE, you must:


  • Have a Health Care background from outside Canada
  • Be an immigrant/refugee (with proof of Permanent Resident status), or a Canadian citizen, and have been in Canada for 10 years or less.
  • Have an English CLB level 7 in listening and speaking and CLB level 6 in reading and writing
  • Be unemployed or underemployed (work less than 20 hours/week) and not eligible for Employment Insurance (EI)

HCA Program Covers:

  • Person-Centered Care and Assistance
  • Informed Problem Solving
  • Handling Patients with Complex Health Challenges
  • Handling Patients with Mental and/or Cognitive Health Challenges
  • Interaction with other members of Health Care Team
  • Clear, Accurate and Sensitive Communication with patients
  • Safe, Competent and Organized Personal Care and Assistance
  • Self-development, Learning and Health Enhancement Needs
  • Providing Care in a Reflective, Responsible, Accountable and Professional/Ethical manner

CATE Timeline:

  • Classes start August 14th 2017
  • 19 weeks Health Care Assistant (HCA) classes by Sprott Shaw College: August 14th 2017 – Jan 5th 2018
  • 8 weeks Clinical and Practicum Placements arranged by Sprott Shaw College: Jan 8th – Mar 2nd 2018
  • Job Entry Skills Workshops by MOSAIC: Mar 5th – Mar 16th 2018
  • Job Placement Services by MOSAIC: Mar 19th – Mar 31st 2018
  • Post Job Placement Services by MOSAIC: Mar 26th – Mar 31st 2018

Application deadline is extended to July 26, 2017.

For more information please check our website at:

To register/apply for the program, please ask your clients to fill out the form through the link:

CATE Promotional Video

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