Simon Fraser Coop Student Research Projects Underway

Daniel Fontaine, CEO (Left), Lara Croll, Intern (Center), Eva Lewis, SFU Co-op Coordinator (Right)
Daniel Fontaine, CEO (Left), Lara Croll, Intern (Center), Eva Lewis, SFU Co-op Coordinator (Right)

In early May, BCCPA welcomed Lara Croll to our team. She is undertaking a summer internship with us and is working on several key research projects. We hope to roll out the fruits of her labour later this year.

One component of her summer research projects has been getting to know our members better. That’s why she is currently in the field with a survey that will help the BCCPA better understand the economic impact we make – as well as “who we are”.

In the process of undertaking this research, Lara was able to work with BCCPA staff to innovatively use Google Maps to better connect our members.

She has developed a new online resource which helps connect our service provider members with our commercial members. By uploading our membership information into Google Maps, she created an easy to use database that has multiple applications.

Are you a service provider looking to support one of our commercial members who provides legal services? How about one that sells furniture? Now with one click of a mouse, this information is available to our members.


Are you a commercial member looking to see which care homes are members of the BCCPA in Surrey? What about in Vancouver? Our Google Map feature will easily allow you to do this.

We hope to launch the new pilot Google Map system sometime later this summer. If it’s successful, it will eventually replace our less user-friendly member database.

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