Profile: Anna Fox is a BC Home Support Worker

Anna began working in the health care industry specifically with seniors as a Community Health Worker since 1982. She completed her Residential Care Attendant diploma at Camosun College and has been working on site in the homes of seniors on Vancouver Island.

As a 23 year old woman, Anna had career aspirations to be a flight attendant. She fed her desire to travel and see the world when she immigrated to Canada from Spain.

While her daily care of seniors takes her through a variety of needs and services, she has come to find a gift for hospice care. Spending her time supporting a client through their last hours has proven to be a valued position for Anna and she is valued greatly by her clients, their family and friends.

“A lot of times it is just listening to them. Listening to their stories, their struggles, and their loneliness and just being there as a listening ear,” Anna said. [quote name=”Anna Fox” pull=”right”]A lot of times it is just listening to them. Listening to their stories, their struggles, and their loneliness and just being there as a listening ear[/quote]

As a home support worker, Anna feels the importance of her role when she spends time with clients whose only interaction in the day will be the hour or two she gets to spend with them.


“You have to definitely love people to do this work, you have to like working with people, “she explains. “You have to be sociable, flexible, and fun.”

Finding the common interests she shares with clients often make a world of difference in the relationship they

“I have a male client right now who just loves country and music and so because I love music too we make it part of our routine to get up and dance whenever I’m there,” Anna explains. “He just loves it.”

Anna plans to work in home care until she retires and hopes to remain an effective and contributing member of her team.

She has found excellent information and teachings within the book “Safe people” by Dr. Henry Cloud. It has helped her in working with her clients and building relationships both personally and professionally.

Anna sees her father as her great role model and enjoys his wisdom and guidance even to this day as he lives 5 minutes from her.

After becoming a Christian in Victoria, Anna found her life had changed substantially for the better and she has drawn strength from her faith.

“The words that I live by are really those through my Christian faith,” she explains. “Practice kindness and be compassionate for other people who have struggled, because I struggled for a while when I came here too. I feel I want to help people who are struggling too because I feel I have been there.”


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