Seniors Safety and Quality Improvement Program (SSQIP)

About the Program




BCCPA was awarded a grant by the BC Ministry of Health to develop and manage a new province-wide Seniors Safety and Quality Improvement Program (SSQIP). Currently, all non-government publicly funded residential care homes operating within the province are eligible to participate

Guiding Principles

See the 5 Guiding Principles of SSQIP

In October 2017, the Guiding Principles of the program and how grants will be distributed were established and can be viewed here.

Advisory Committee

The BCCPA has established a SSQIP Advisory Committee in order to ensure we effectively and efficiently invest the program funds. The Committee is comprised of appointed representatives from the following organizations that work with all of BC’s care providers:

  • BC Ministry of Health (one rep)
  • Denominational Health Association (one rep)
  • SafeCare BC (one rep)
  • BC Care Providers (two reps)


1. RFP for an industry needs assessment – Completed in September
2. Pilot needs assessment – In Progress – First two weeks of October
3. Deploy needs assessment to sector – Open by end of October and close by Mid-November
4. Application eligibility and criteria – Will be communicated once the Needs Assessment report is finalized by mid December.
5. Launch of application – Early to mid January 2018. Announcement to be made soon!

Needs Assessment

The BCCPA has contracted an external consultant to conduct a comprehensive province-wide needs assessment focusing on current and future requirements for equipment purchases to support the effective and safe delivery of high quality seniors care in the province.

Extensive participation by long-term care providers in the needs assessment has played a critical role in capturing all information for the development of the application criteria and eligibility.

Application Criteria and Eligibility

Upon completion of the needs assessment and report findings, the program criteria and eligibility will be communicated broadly via the BCCPA website and through our Advisory Committee partners by mid December 2017. We are currently aiming to begin accepting online applications by early to mid-January 2018.

Director of Programs

The Director of Programs Snezana Ristovski was hired in late July 2017 to lead the development and management of the program. Please contact Snezana at if you would like more information on program development stages.