Assisted Living Members

BC Care Providers Association works on behalf of Assisted Living site operators as part of our commitment to service providers in the continuing care sector.

As of March 2016, there were 4,408 subsidized registered assisted living units and 3,350 units of private registered assisted living in B.C.[1]. Providers tell BCCPA that Assisted Living providers have experienced significant changes over time, and that they are now caring for more medically acute seniors than ever before. The impacts of the implementation of Bill 16 are expected to have further implications for this growing, and critical area of the sector and BCCPA is committed to advocating for the needs and best interests of Assisted Living providers and the people they support.

Here are just a few reasons why Assisted Living providers should join BCCPA as a member.

Reasons Why Assisted Living Site Operators Should Join BCCPA

  1. BCCPA maintains members of our board who act as representatives of the Assisted Living sector and has a full time staff person who is responsible for ensuring that the needs of our Assisted Living members are met;
  2. BCCPA regularly reaches out to our members in the Assisted Living sector, to inform our local, provincial and federal advocacy efforts;
  3. On July 5, 2017 the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) released the Assisted Living Tenancy Task Force Review (the “Task Force”). Chaired by Tom Crump, the three-member Task Force was supported by two health authority representatives acting in an advisory capacity, and reported on key issues facing the sector, including Bill 16;
  4. BCCPA is a leading voice on Bill 16, advocating for more clarity on issues of regulation and funding;
  5. BCCPA is committed to ensuring that our members are informed first about Bill 16 and its effects on the industry;
  6. BCCPA brings best practices in Assisted Living to the attention of our members, through events like our annual conference in Whistler;
  7. BCCPA is developing a working group comprised of Assisted Living providers who will inform the work and direction of BCCPA;
  8. We have several committees made up of members and board directors focused on policy, member engagement and quality of life issues that are always looking for new volunteers;
  9. When issues arise that affect the Assisted Living sector, we take these concerns directly to organizations such as Health Employers Association of BC, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Health, and WorkSafeBC;
  10. We proactively respond to the concerns of Assisted Living providers in our media announcements, such as keeping senior couples together–see stories here and here.

If you have further questions or wish to make an inquiry about membership, please contact Lily Nguyen at