Established 40 years ago, the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) represents the majority of non-government providers of community care for seniors in the province. Our membership includes over 300 residential care, assisted living, home support and commercial members.

Scope & Size

Membership in our association is voluntary. BCCPA members care for more than 16,000 seniors annually in residential care and assisted living, and over 11,000 each year through home care & home support services.

What We Do

On behalf of its members BCCPA focuses its efforts in the following key areas:

  • Foster Standards and Quality of Care: Advocate & enhance quality of life for seniors
  • Sustainability of Services: Ensure adequate funding to enhance quality care
  • Relationship Building: Collaborate and partner with government, health authorities and key stakeholders
  • Membership Services: Provide services to members to foster quality of care
Industry Involvement

We are a proud member of the following organizations:

  • Canadian Alliance for Long-Term Care (CALTC)
  • BC Council to Reduce Elder Abuse
  • BC Adult Abuse/Neglect Prevention Collaborative
Relationship Building

We host a number of key events throughout the year, including:

  • Annual Conference (over 400 attendees each year) – May
  • Care to Chat Speaker Series (over 600 attendees per season) November-May
  • B.C. Care Awards – February