Ministry of Health’s Seniors Action Plan Update

In February 2012, the BC Government released Improving the Care of BC Seniors: An Action Plan (Seniors Action Plan). It was informed by the Ombudsperson’s findings and recommendations in The Best of Care: Getting it Right for Seniors in British Columbia (Part 2)

The Seniors Action Plan has six themes:

  • Concerns & Complaints: To provide appropriate avenues to have complaints heard and dealt with in a fair manner
  • Information: To improve the scope, quality and access to the information seniors and their families need to understand and access services in a timely and informed way
  • Standards & Quality Management: To ensure more consistent delivery of care across services
  • Protection: To improve the protection of vulnerable seniors from abuse and neglectSAP Progress Report
  • Flexible Services: To provide flexible services to meet care needs
  • Modernization: To modernize the home and community care system to provide sustainable and lasting improvements that will better serve seniors across the province

In April 2013, the Ministry of Health compiled a report on the actions completed to date. BC Care Providers Association members can access a copy of the Senior Action Plan Team’s 2013 PowerPoint presentation here.

For additional updates on the Seniors Action Plan, including Ministry of Health progress reports to the Ombudsperson, visit the government’s SeniorsBC website.