#TellThemYouCare Messages – July 1-31

Just read a story about a park ranger saving a dog’s life. It was 90 degrees and the dog was suffering from heat stroke along a trail in the wilderness. It was collapsed on the ground. The park ranger lifted the 100 pound dog over his shoulders and carried it to a stream — laying it in the water and pouring water over it. After a while he carried it out of the area down to the woman’s car. Over an hour of hiking with the heavy weight. What a wonderful rescue. – Sidney, Victoria

Just read a story about doctors who didn’t want to come home because they thought they might spread the Covid virus to their family. Someone said they could lend them their trailer to put in their driveway for free. They created a Facebook page and now 800 people have given their trailers to doctors around North America for the duration of Covid. What a caring act. The world is full of caring people. Lots of love. – Sidney, Victoria

Charlie would put out a cooler filled with ice and water bottles for the garbage collectors in the heat of the summer. When he passed away, his wife left a note and a photo of her husband taped to the cooler, saying that she would try to keep it up in his memory. Neighbours donated juice bottles and snacks for the cooler. A simple act became a neighbourhood of kindness. How cool is that?! – Sidney, Victoria

A cook was laid off due to covid so she made bread from home to give to people in need in Toronto. She once lived a life on welfare as a single mom and knew how important it was to help feed families. She woke up at 3 a.m. and baked for 9 hours a day. She keeps a few loaves in her car to give to homeless people. This kind woman has made 800 loaves to give to the needy — each with a heart carved on top. Wonderful. – Sidney, Victoria

A man in PEI traded all the way up to a sailboat. He started with a gold fish hook and kept trading one thing for another, including a marijuana plant and a painting. Now he is giving the sailboat away in a contest. Families who successfully complete a treasure hunt in a campground are entered into a draw. He is making it safe to due during social distancing. What a wonderful act of kindness. – Sidney, Victoria

Just saw a wonderful video of Monarch butterflies. There were half a billion of them in Mexico that had migrated all the way from Canada. That is around 3000 miles. Somehow they find the same place every year, eat nectar and slumber for months. Then when the sun warms them in the spring, they rouse up in a big swarm and fly north again. They are the only butterfly that migrates. The video was taken by a hummingbird robot that was safe to fly among them They were not afraid as they are used to hummingbirds eating the same nectar. What an amazing miracle nature is. – Sidney, Victoria

There are refrigerators stocked with free food spread throughout New York City. Other cities are following along. Food comes from community gardens, buy one get one free sales at grocery stores, and kind neighbours sharing extra purchases. Take what you need, leave what you can. Many people are benefiting from the kindness. – Sidney, Victoria

A new project has been started in remote areas in Kenya, Africa. Only a very small percentage of people have internet now. It is beneficial for education, work, and emergencies. They have 50 balloons in the sky to provide internet service and will have more in the future. Each balloon is the size of a tennis court. Previously the idea was used after a devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico when the network went down. What an amazing age we live in — new technology to improve people’s lives. – Sidney, Victoria

A 6 year old boy named Bridger stood in front of his sister when a dog charged at her. He had several bites on his face but is recuperating nicely. Many people told him he was a hero and Captain America is sending him a real hero’s shield. What a brave young man. – Sidney, Victoria

A woman was separated from her mother for 6 months because the mother had cancer. So she made her a blanket to be a substitute hug.Β  Now she has made over 500 blankets for children in need in dozens of countries. One kind gesture has helped so many feel loved. – Sidney, Victoria

Olivia, 7, has teamed up with the Salvation Army to hand out face masks for the homeless and at a food bank. She asks, “Does it matter what colour?” She is also selling masks to raise money to buy or build a homeless shelter. Her father and his family were homeless when he was a child and it is so important for her to give back. – Sidney, Victoria

92-year-old Bob created a knitting machine out of PVC pipes. He is creating hats, gloves and socks for homeless shelters. To date, he has made 10,000 pairs of socks. What a great guy. – Sidney, Victoria


A man was down on his luck and had to move in with his brother. His brother charged him rent and after 2 years gave all the money back to him as a down payment on a house. What a great story. – Sidney, Victoria

Hello Wishing you a wonderful day filled with people that care! The photo I sent you is of our local ospray bird that decided to land on our dock to eat it’s dinner! Michelle 🐟

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