#TellThemYouCare Messages – April 28

Good Morning to you all. My thoughts are with you as I am waking up to another beautiful spring day. I have purple tulips on my table and purple lilacs out my window. Hoping thoughts of spring lift your spirits. Sending a small poem to keep you company.

moth wings

in the butterfly garden

mock orange petals

Hi I hope you’re doing well it this time a know how you are feeling and I can relate – my great aunt was in a senior home and it has taken a toll on are family thanks stay healthy and stay safe – Jameson, Kamloops

Dear senior friend, I just want to remind you of all the people that love you and all the people that think your amazing so stay healthy and stay safe – Jameson, Kamloops

Hi! My name is Halisha, and my mom is a healthcare worker so I partially understand how it feels not being able to talk to your as much as you use too. When this is all better I bet your family is going to come and give a warm hug, sometimes it can get boring but we need to be patient and I’m sure you are. one thing that I do to support health care workers are bang pots at 7 o’clock. What do you do to support health care workers that help you? Well anyways I hope you are staying healthy and safe! #tell them you care

Hi I hope all you guys are fighting through this hard time and have some fun. I hope nothing happens to you guys.

Even though we can’t be with you for hugs, we still love you so much! – Heidi, Maple Ridge

Dear BC seniors,
It’s hard in isolation, with not much to do and always missing your loved ones. We’re all going through this together and with all of us doing our part the sooner we can get out and see our family and friends and things can start heading back to how they were before. I miss my Nana and Grampa like crazy so I can’t imagine how much you’re missing the rest of your family. It’s getting boring but I am trying to come up with new ways to entertain myself. Reading new books, baking and taking advantage of the green grass the springs giving us. We just have to hang on for a little while longer, remember that you’re not alone and people are thinking about you!

Hello there seniors hope you are doing well in this strange time and that you are staying healthy just here to say that we can go through this weird time and hope not to catch it. it is hard to self isolate but we got this lets try our hardest and we can get through this.

I hope you guys are doing well and thank you and I hope you guys are healthy and staying safe

Hello I hope you all are feeling good and safe at these times because you guys are the ones that can be in danger so stay home and wash you hands lots to stay safe have a good day!

Thanks for all your hard work.

dear senior friends
I hope you are doing well, and also I hope you are getting the best of your day. stay positive.

Dear BC Seniors, Good Afternoon to you all. Therapy dog Lucia & myself are thinking of you at this time. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We volunteer and visit hospitals, schools, senior citizens, etc. Lucia is a very loving dog who spreads a little bit of sunshine with all she visits. We are both sending you all our love and great big hugs. Stay strong and know you are not alone. We will get through this together. We look forward to visiting our precious senior citizens again soon. ❤️❤️🤗🤗 – Paula & Lucia (therapy dog!), Surrey

Hello! I hope every single one of you are doing great. I just wanted to remind you that you aren’t alone and I know that sometimes it might feel like you are but I assure you that you aren’t alone in this. You have many people who care about you even if they can’t come see you they still care and love you. Take care!

Hi everyone, Hope this message finds you all well and you’re staying safe and healthy. I just wanted to say that even though you can’t see your family’s right now, just know that they are thinking about you and they love you. I know it seems hard right now not seeing your grandchildren, children, or spouse’s but this is only going to get better. I’m thinking about all of you and love you all.  Stay positive were all thinking about you. – Megan, Kamloops

Don’t go outside, and make someone else get you your groceries! ;)

Thank you for your hard work trying to prevent COVID-19. We hope you are feeling well during this unfortunate time. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. Call a loved one at this time. Maybe even try a new hobby. Use
this time as an opportunity to try new things. – Arisha, Surrey

I hope all of you are staying safe during this god awful time! Looking back even just a few months I don’t think any of us thought this was going to end up so terribly, but, its time like this I’m thankful for technology so I can stay in touch with my friends, and grandparents. I hope all of you are also able to stay in touch with your loved ones, and I hope that for everyone’s sake that we’re able to flatten the curve and get back to our normal lives. sending lots of love and positive vibes everyone’s way to help make it through this! – Angel, Kamloops

I’ll start by sending lots of love to all of you! I had no idea quarantine would suck this much, and I cannot wait for it to end! I’m sure all of you are starting to feel the same way. I’m sorry there are still so many people going out and being careless of the precautions. This quarantine isn’t easy on any of us and its crazy scary even for me. I can’t imagine how terrifying and hard it is for all of you, not to mention all the first responders. I hope this is all over soon so we can all resume our normal lives.

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