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New technology enriches recreational activities for seniors at Willingdon Care Centre

For fifty-eight years, Willingdon Care Centre has been a vibrant community for seniors of many different backgrounds. Along the corridors — or  ‘lanes’ — and inside of the multiple-purpose rooms, it is clear that the care home’s longevity is sustained through its innate sense of community and commitment to engagement for residents. A key driver […]

Member spotlight: EngAge BC member Amenida Seniors Community recreates famous paintings

Image: Margret Beaver with lampshade as Renoir’s Young Girl in a Straw Hat, 1884. (Karen Schaefer) Earlier this month, Karen Schaefer, the recreation manager at Amenida Seniors Community, helped residents remedy the COVID-19 blues by helping them recreate famous paintings by using whatever they could find as props and clothing. The story has since been […]