2023 Workplace of the Year Nominees

BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) and EngAge BC are proud to celebrate the exceptional passion and commitment of those who provide the best quality of care for B.C. seniors at the 10th Annual BC Care Awards.

This year, the Association introduced the Workplace of the Year Award category, which recognizes an active member who exemplifies staff engagement, recognition, and a significant change in workplace culture.

Read about the nominees below.

Chartwell Imperial Place

With focus and consistency, Chartwell’s Imperial Place in Surrey, B.C. fosters an exceptional place for residents to live in and employees to work in. Being a part of Chartwell, which serves over 25,000 residents in four provinces across the country, Imperial Place always strives to improve and have always maintained full residence.


Led by General Manager, Delia, the Imperial Place teamwork as a cohesive unit to ensure a supportive and home-like environment. Even with good resident and family satisfaction scores, General Manager Delia saw the opportunity for improvement, strongly focusing with her team on employee engagement in a variety of ways. These included public accolades, various employee appreciation activities, transparency, and frequent communication in different formats, soliciting feedback regularly and implementing changes based on it whenever possible and simply being available and attentive when needed.

Through these efforts, Imperial Place team is always committed to looking for ways to improve the experiences of staff, which, in turn, enhances the quality of life of residents.

Creekside Landing – Kaigo Senior Living

A part of the Kaigo Senior Living organization, Creekside Landing is a community of care in Vernon, British Columbia, with 70 long-term care residents, 38 Assisted Living suites and 31 Independent Living suites.

In early 2023, Creekside Landing committed to embedding the organization’s values of respect, teamwork, excellence, autonomy, support, dedication, and integrity into practice. To attain this objective, Creekside launched several distinct initiatives with a shared goal to improve Workplace Culture. These initiatives included a one-year Leadership Academy, which emphasized psychological safety and inclusion of employees as part of their leadership approach, and the implementation of a 90-minute training program titled “Respect in the Workplace,” extending this opportunity to all staff members to establish a work environment that upholds human rights and personal dignity. Other initiatives included enhancing the management’s open-door policy, by increasing their presence in resident neighborhoods, improving team morale through increased celebrations, and collaborating with the organization’s CPHR certified Human Resources Manager and the HR Generalist to implement recruitment strategies that embedded the site’s workplace culture from the initial contact with prospective employees.

Creekside Landing has strategically invested in employee development, enhanced recognition programs, and new approaches to embed its Mission, Vision, and Values into the workplace culture to create a positive, supportive, and thriving environment where individuals feel valued.

Fraserview Retirement Community – Kaigo Senior Living

Fraserview has been an integral part of the Richmond community for 45 years under the Kaigo Senior Living organization. The home was completely rebuilt in December 2021 and provides care to 199 residents in 14 distinct neighborhoods.

When Fraserview doubled in size in December 2021, three staffing partners worked together to proactively plan the transition to create a positive work environment, support staff, enhance employee engagement, and optimize operational efficiency. With the collaboration of staffing partners, the fostering of Fraserview’s positive workplace culture promoted adaptability among employes, empowering them to share ideas and think creatively. This collective effort played a pivotal role in the expansion of the care home from 101 to 199 beds. This accomplishment transpired amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The site not only doubled in size but achieved this milestone during a time that posed unprecedented challenges across the home. Due to the positive workplace culture, Fraserview was not only able to retain its current workforce but was successful in attracting the new employees necessary for the expansion. This thriving workplace culture has not only benefited employees but has contributed to better care for residents and an overall positive influence on the reputation of the organization in the community. It is particularly remarkable that this achievement unfolded during the global pandemic, a period marked by unprecedented challenges and there are not many sites that could imagine undertaking the monumental task of doubling in size while managing the complexities of the pandemic.

The well coordinated expansion of Fraserview required the management teams from the three staffing partners and their employees to effectively communicate and collaborate with one another. The collaboration between these groups has contributed to a rich and inclusive environment at the site and has fostered a sense of belonging amongst all employees. The team at Fraserview Retirement Communities not only managed the expansion, but also improved its workplace culture during this time.

Sidney Care Home

Located on Vancouver Island in Sidney, B.C., Sidney Care Home offers residential care to 54 clients. Through constant collaboration between staff, the Sidney Care Home team fosters community spirit and improvement on resident quality of life.

A prime example of the shift in workplace culture was when one resident wanted to renew her vows with her husband after 65 years of marriage. Upon hearing that the resident could not afford a gown, staff sprung into action to help and make a beautiful experience for not only the couple but the whole care community. The team comprised of families, local businesses, volunteers, residents and care staff. The home’s office manager arranged the food and the recreation department created decorations with the help of residents. The care team even moonlighted as make up artists and took great pride in helping the bride look her best.

Through this event, it is evident that Sidney Care Home’s workplace culture changed by creating a community that goes beyond their walls. Above all, it shows that anything is possible, especially in long-term care.

Good Samaritan Victoria Heights

Victoria Heights is an assisted living home with 57 funded suites and 2 private suites. Thanks to the leadership of site manager Jacquilyn Loh, Victoria Heights is a workplace where everyone can experience positivity, inclusivity, and community love.

Jacquilyn actively develops and maintains ties in the home and community with co-workers, residents, families, and friends by treating everyone with the respect, dignity, and trust they deserve. For instance, she emphasizes how valuable everyone’s different customs and values are and is very communicative when there are new directives and procedures from the Ministry of Health. Through her efficacy and emphasis on collaboration, Victoria Heights remained mostly COVID-free during the pandemic. As a result of Jacquilyn’s leadership, the workplace culture at Victoria Heights is a united one.

The Victoria Heights team takes pride in their work and the way our team members collaborate to form an effective unit. Upholding their commitment to the people in their care, they consistently going above and beyond to provide joy to others. The team gives each person the opportunity and motivation to achieve and experience their goals while continuing to live a normal and complete life. By remaining focused and devoted in everything that they do, Victoria Heights strives to deliver the highest quality of care.

Together, the team is always evaluating what they do and exchanging ideas, skills, and experience inside homes and across the organization in order to continually improve the quality of care that they provide.

Lake Country Lodge and Retirement Living

Located in the Okanagan, Lake Country Lodge and Retirement Living is an organization that focuses on providing excellent care and accommodation services for 49 residents who receive special care and 41 retirement residents.

Lake Country Lodge has fostered an exceptional workplace culture, integrating Sienna’s values into their team dynamics. The journey began with the introduction of the symbolic Family Values Tree, a visual representation of the team’s growth and commitment to Sienna’s core principles. The “Act Positively” phase initiated engaging activities and spot awards, sparking a culture of positivity among team members, while the subsequent values like “Be Accountable” and “Create Community” were celebrated through festive events and community engagement activities.

With an action plan focused on recognition and communication, the Lodge has implemented formal recognition programs, team member social committees, and a series of appreciation events. This comprehensive approach not only reflects measurable outcomes but also shows Lake Country Lodge’s commitment to ensuring every team member feels valued and heard.

Lake Country Lodge’s commitment to continuous improvement extends beyond team members to the residents they serve. Initiatives like the “Savour it” program, designed around resident input for culinary enhancements, showcase their dedication to personalized and meaningful experiences. The move-in experience is a testament to their distinctive approach, marked by warm greetings, personalized touches, and ongoing support, creating an atmosphere of genuine care.

Even during challenging times, such as the Okanagan wildfires, Lake Country Lodge’s workplace culture shone brightly. The collective effort of the team, residents, families, and community partners demonstrated resilience and support during evacuations. This shared commitment, along with selfless dedication, not only showcased the strength of the community but also fostered a remarkable sense of team building and pride throughout the entire workplace.

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