2023 Care Provider of the Year Award in Long-Term Care Nominees (Part 4)

BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) and EngAge BC presents five additional nominees for the BC Care Provider of the Year Award | Long-Term Care. The Association will continue featuring nominees across award categories and will announce winners in January 2024.

Take a look at a selection of nominees in the Long-Term Care category below.

Ashley Wilson

Ashley, a Health Care Aid, makes residents at Arrowsmith Lodge feel like they are at home. She treats both her patients and their things with the respect they deserve and can be trusted to provide excellent personal care. When she chats with her residents, it is evident that the interaction is as rewarding for her as it is for the elders. She is empathetic in the elder’s day-to-day lives, providing moments of light and levity. This Halloween, Ashley brought a bag of her own costumes, special-effects make up and hair supplies from home, creating fanciful disguises for many of her residents. In a world where family and friends often live far away or can’t visit as often as we would like, people like Ashley make all the difference in the elders’ lives.

From her colleagues:


“Ashley’s very friendly. She’s always the first to help out. She’s very personable. She has such a good heart.”

“When Ashley’s working, you know things are going to get done. When you see her name on the schedule, you’re happy to be working. Even when you know she’s having a hard day, Ashley finds a way to stay positive. She keeps everyone in good spirits.”


Sandeep Sidhu

Sandeep embodies the essence of person-centered care, going above and beyond to ensure the well-being of our residents at Brookside Lodge Community’s Acquired Brain Injury Unit. Sandeep is a leader and the incontinence champion on her floor, creating a more comfortable and dignified quality of life for those under her care. Her commitment to the overall health and well-being of those she serves is evident, as she ensures all of her residents’ weights are meticulously accounted for each month, for instance. Sandeep is a humble and service orientated team member whose actions have a huge impact to her residents each and everyday. One of her standout qualities is her dedication to empathic listening—whether to residents, their families, or fellow team members.

From her nominator, Divya Daniel (Executive Director):

“Her warm, compassionate, and empathic approach sets her apart, making her highly beloved by residents, families, and colleagues alike. Residents who are under Sandeep’s care consistently express their gratitude for the exceptional attention to detail and personalized care she provides. […] Sandeep’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of her work, fostering a deep sense of trust and appreciation among the residents she serves.

“In essence, Sandeep’s professional journey is characterized by an unwavering dedication to the well-being of those in her care. Her ability to seamlessly blend technical expertise with genuine compassion creates an atmosphere of trust and appreciation. As a result, she not only excels in her role but also uplifts the entire healthcare team, contributing to a culture of excellence and empathy in the workplace.”

Rose Leginus

As an HCA, Rose consistently upholds a standard of kindness that extends to everyone she encounters. A part of Lake Country Lodge’s Spa team, she takes the time to make residents spa experience unique to each and every resident. Her caring and compassionate nature create a nurturing atmosphere, positively impacting both her colleagues and the individuals under her care. Even in the face of challenges and evolving situations, Rose remains positive and solution-oriented. Her ability to adapt contributes significantly to the overall resilience and effectiveness of Lake Country Lodge’s caregiving team. Her proactive approach and sense of accountability set a positive example for her colleagues, fostering a culture of excellence within their caregiving community.

From her colleagues:

I have worked with Rose for 15 years and I have never worked with anyone better. She is the hardest worker, with the biggest heart and goes above and beyond for the residents. She is always going the extra mile to make every resident feel special. Rose is the care aid that I would trust to look after my family, and I have enjoyed every minute that I have worked with her. She is truly one of a kind.”

“Working with Rose brightens my day, there is a palpable lightness to the workday when Rose is around. She is the first to say good morning, to ask you how your day is going, she shines genuinely with her heart on her sleeve. If someone is having a hard day or if a resident is feeling down, Rose is the first one to step forward, to provide a hug and to lend a listening ear. […] Rose’s years of service and dedication to her job and her residents, as well as her team are outstanding, we should all strive to be a little bit more like Rose to help spread the lightness of her energy around.”


Lalita Rama

Lalita Rama has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the senior’s care and services sector. Serving as a dedicated care staff worker since the early 90s, she has become an integral and familiar presence at Fraserview. Her dedication extends to the residents as she consistently practices resident-centered care. By attentively listening to their needs, offering choices, and respecting their rights, Lalita fosters an environment that prioritizes the well-being and preferences of each individual.

Going above and beyond, she invests additional time and effort to enhance the quality of life for her residents. When working in an outbreak neighborhood, she is a calming and knowledgeable resource for other staff members and is driven by a genuine compassion for the residents in her care area. Ms. Rama readily participates in quality improvement initiatives and provides feedback on existing practices and suggest improvements to enhance the overall quality of care.

Throughout her tenure at Fraserview, Lalita has emerged as a passionate advocate for the residents under her care. Her diligence in ensuring adherence to care plans and addressing the unique needs of each individual has provided a positive example to everyone.

From her colleagues:

“Lalita is truly a pillar of our Care Team. She is kind, approachable, is willing to help, coach and support new Care Aides and takes them under her wing.”

 “Lalita has always taken pride in her ability to provide exemplary quality care for all of her residents. She takes time to really get to know them and what is important to them. The resident’s needs and providing dignified care are her top priorities, ensuring that each resident has the best day possible! She is a dedicated and valued team member. Although she is very quiet, she has a mighty heart.”


Deborah (Debi) Anderson

Debi has been with Beckley Farm Lodge (Broadmead Care) for almost 39 years, starting off as a Health Care Worker and most recently as an Activity Worker. A shining light for her residents, clients and family members, Debi ensures that every interaction with residents and family members is memorable, leaving them feeling loved and cherished. As an Activity Worker, Debi always makes sure that residents feel special and acknowledges their past interests, accomplishments, and careers. Colleagues and resident family members alike continuously commend Debi for the mark she leaves on residents every day.

From a colleague:

“In my opinion, person-centred care requires genuine interest, consideration, and a willingness to spend the time needed to share an individual’s life with them. It also means being willing to be an advocate for their needs when they are unable to share those needs themselves. Debi has shown all of these attributes in the time that I’ve known her. She has spent hours poring over details of Christmas presents and special events, making sure that each is personalized or reflective of the resident in question.

“She has also never hesitated to voice her concerns when she feels that a resident’s opinions or capabilities are being ignored or misrepresented, regardless of whether she is speaking to colleagues, management, or physicians. I know that I can trust her contributions because I witness her spend her spare time with those same residents every day, taking the time to truly listen and be a part of their worlds. She is an incredible part of our community and would be impossible to replace!”


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