2023 Care Provider of the Year Award in Long-Term Care Nominees (Part 3)

BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) and EngAge BC highlights another five nominees for the BC Care Provider of the Year Award | Long-Term Care award. The following nominees have shown exemplary commitment to providing the best quality of care for seniors in long-term care.

Winners will officially be announced in January 2024 and will be presented their awards at the BC Care Awards ceremony in Victoria, B.C. on February 27, 2024.

Jade Aquino, Hart House (Trillium)

Since joining to Hart House (Trillium) as an HCA, Jade has exceeded all expectations of a caregiver. She was the first of the Hart House team to immerse herself in the MCA (medication care aide) program and stepped up to take all training required when needed. Jade works full-time as an MCA in a lead role and provides superb personal care, meticulous medication administration and collaborates with nursing staff, physicians, and families.

From her colleagues:


“Jade is an excellent critical thinker while maintaining her scope of practice.”

“Jade advocates for the residents in all aspect of their care.”

“Jade is proactive and management feels at ease trusting her decisions when they are not on site.”

From a resident family member:

“I always felt my mother was given the best care when I knew that Jade was working.”


Gloria Larson, Misson Creek Landing

Gloria has been a valued member of the Misson Creek Landing care home since 1982. Her commitment to the residents and staff at Mission Creek Landing over the last 40 years has been constant and unwavering. Gloria always takes the time to get to know not only the residents, but also their families and support both through their transition to long-term care. She is quick to share her insight from her years of experience to enhance and support the residents’ care. Gloria’s patient and welcoming approach has made her an invaluable support and mentor to countless HCAs entering the health care field in long-term care. Gloria goes above and beyond for both residents and staff. Her patience, compassion and kindness have brought comfort and peace of mind to the hundreds of residents and their families.

From her nominator, Isabel Withler:

“Gloria’s ongoing devotion to her career and those she serves is a rare and remarkable thing, particularly in our current staffing climate and we are proud to nominate her. Gloria is deserving of the BC Care Provider of the Year award because of her lifelong commitment and passion for providing and ensuring excellence in care.”


Pamela Erskine, Trillium Acacia Ty Mawr a

Pam is a long-time Care Aide at Trillium Acacia Ty Mawr and has worked not only in this role, but also in the activity department. This year, Pam volunteered to be part of their Care Coach program, doing extra education and courses, and working with the team team and Island Health to try and reduce the use of Antipsychotic use in the home. Overall, Pam is an out of the box thinker, with a keen eye for safety and quality improvement.

From her nominator, Rebekah Cochran (Executive Director):

Pam builds relationships with not only the residents, but with their care partners and families. She has a huge heart and treats the residents and families like her own. Pam is one of those people who is always willing to step in and help. She is a wonderful team player and shows up for her team and residents over and over again. Pam always brings a sense of fun with her to work, and even on the craziest of days, can keep a smile of her face or bring a laugh to a resident to brighten their day. We are so lucky to have Pam as part of our team.


Debbie Cook, Valleyhaven (Kaigo)

Debbie Cook has worked at Valleyhaven (Kaigo) for the past 13 years as a Housekeeper and always ensures that the living spaces are consistently maintained at the highest standards. The pride Debbie has in per work reflects a strong sense of responsibility, contributing to an atmosphere of trust and assurance for Valleyhaven residents. She is always going the extra mile, demonstrating a genuine concern for the well-being of residents. Whether it’s accommodating resident requests or preference, addressing specific needs, or anticipating potential issues, her proactive approach enhances the overall quality of care and fosters a sense of comfort and belonging.

Ms. Cook collaborates seamlessly with other staff members contributes to a cohesive and supportive atmosphere, she understands and respects the roles of her coworkers and is a team player who creates a positive ripple effect across the building. She engages with residents and coworkers on a personal level demonstrates a compassionate and empathetic nature, building relationships and showing genuine interest in the well-being of others to help foster a sense of community within Valleyhaven.

From her nominator, Janey Carriere (Administrator):

“Debbie takes great pride in the work she does, and you can tell that she enjoys coming to work everyday. She takes so much time to engage with each resident while cleaning their rooms, all well doing an exceptional job. You can always tell when Debbie is working as you will be able to hear her infectious laugh fill the hallways as she engages with the residents, families, and staff members of the Home. Daily she goes above expectations, leads by example and is a joy to have in our Support Services Department at Valleyhaven.”


Eric Cuimmayen, Rest Have Lodge

Eric has been a valued member of the Rest Have Lodge care team for over 17 years and is passionate about senior care and specifically about person-centred care. Eric is constantly brainstorming ways to ensure the residents he provides care for are receiving the most exceptional care possible. This includes him collaborating with resident’s and their families to get specific likes and dislikes, history, simple pleasures and joys which allows him to connect with the residents in a very personal and meaningful way. Bathing can be a very vulnerable time for residents, especially those with memory challenges but Eric’s compassion and patience allows him to build relationships and trust with residents.

Eric is also a great mentor to new team members on the spa attendant role and spends a lot of extra time to ensure care plans are up to date, precise, and easy to follow in his absence.

“We have a resident who declines to be bathed by anyone but Eric. If Eric is on holidays or away from work on this resident’s scheduled bath day, this resident will ‘wait’ for Eric to return before accepting his bath!”


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