2023 Care Provider of the Year Award in Long-Term Care Nominees (Part 1)

BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) is proud to celebrate the many exceptional individuals who provide the best quality of care to B.C. seniors in long-term care, assisted living and home health at the 10th Annual BC Care Awards.

With winners being announced in January 2024, the Association would like to celebrate all nominees throughout the next few weeks. Below are the first few nominees in the long-term care category. Read on to learn more about their inspiring journeys.

Kristian Asuncion, AgeCare Royal City

A strong leader that leads by example, Kristian creates a safe environment for staff where it is safe to learn, ask questions and make mistakes. Kristian began as a floor nurse (LPN) for his first few years at AgeCare Royal City and soon stepped up as a Resident Care Coordinator after his executional leadership and exceptional people skills shined through. With his humour compassion and patience, Kristian connects with not only residents, but families FH and care community partners as well. All in all, Kristian ensures a high standard of care for all residents through the mentorship and support he provides to his staff.

From Shereese Macdonald, Executive Director at AgeCare Royal City:


“I have watched Kristian interact with residents. He gets a beautiful smile when he speaks to and cares for residents. Joy and love for people emanate from him when he is interacting with his residents.

“Even if his plate is overflowing with things to do, he checks in with his colleagues and staff. He asks what he can do to make their day better or to take something off their plate.

“Kristian is a beautiful human, an amazing nurse and a fantastic leader. It is absolutely an honor and a privilege to work along side him.”


Leanna Maltesen, Woodgrove Manor (Trillium Communities)

Leanna began her career at Woodgrove Manor (Trillium Communities) in 2003 as a Registered Care Aide and later became their Activities Coordinator after her mother left. Every day, Leanna dedicates her work to create an environment that is sensitive to residents’ needs and to ensure that they receive the care they truly deserve. For instance, she uses her puppet friend ‘Berry’ to communicate with residents, many who are nonverbal, to bring comfort and joy to them. Continuously advocating for resident-centred care, Leanna’s commitment to quality is impeccable.

From peers:

“Very dedicated, advocate for the residents, always thinking outside the box, making sure that activities are appropriate and enjoyable, tries her very best to accommodate resident needs.”

“Very dedicated, advocate for the residents, always thinking outside the box, making sure that activities are appropriate and enjoyable, tries her very best to accommodate resident needs.”

From a resident family member:

“The depth of caring and concern for my parents is overwhelmingly touching. My parents are safe and deeply cared for inattention given. I am in AWE. And feel immense gratitude for the care.”


Shirley Isla, Carecorp Shaughnessy

An HCA with Carecorp Shaughnessy, Shirley consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being and happiness of residents every day. Shirley is a true advocate for residents, always striving to improve their quality of life. Her compassion and empathy shine through in her work, making residents feel valued and cared for. As a team leader, she fosters a collaborative and supportive environment, leading by example and inspiring her colleagues to provide the best care possible. Shirley’s dedication to her job is clearly evident as she demonstrates through her commitment to providing the best quality of life for her residents and being a supportive leader for her colleagues.

From a resident family member:

“From the moment I met Shirley, it was clear from seeing the compassion in her eyes that she genuinely cares about each and every resident in her care. Her compassion shines through in her interactions with my loved ones and others on the floor. She takes the time to listen, comfort, and provide the support that is so vital for the residents’ emotional and physical well-being. Her kind and attentive nature makes the 2nd floor feel like a second home for our loved ones.”

From a colleague:

“Shirley goes over and beyond her normal scope of duties to ensure all the residents on our floor are taken of to ensure not only their physical needs are being met, but their psychosocial and emotional needs are being addressed each individual resident in her care.”


Peggy Toft, Lakeview Lodge

Peggy is an advocate for residents through her efforts in highlighting the importance of recreation at Lakeview Lodge. She has a unique ability to connect with residents and understands their individual needs and interests and takes the time to get to know each resident and learns how best to connect with and provide programs for them. Every month, for example, she brings her chickens to visit the residents. On scenic drives she will stop at her home and cut flowers for each resident, and even brings in fresh fruit from her garden for the horticultural programs. Every program that Peggy leads is well thought out and set up for success with visual cues or decorations. Peggy thinks outside of the box, she puts all of her effort and thought into every program she does consistently.

From her nominator, Gloria Kron (Executive Director):

“Peggy created a resident lead program to feature unique life experiences or talents. Residents share with their peers, and this program is very successful and families have commented that it meant a lot to them to see their mom or dad excited and looking forward to sharing their talents with their peers.”

Mary Ann Bravo, Creekside 

Mary Ann has been a key member of the Creekside nursing team since the building opened over 15 years ago. As a long-term team member, Mary Ann has been crucial in mentoring new nurses and teaching them the key aspects of the profession while maintaining a positive environment. Her skills and nursing expertise is of the highest standards, so much so that the primary doctors will often consult with her before ordering a medication or intervention. Her nursing expertise and compassion have enabled numerous residents to live happier and healthier lives during their twilight years.

From a resident:

“I have lived at Creekside Landing for 10 years and have had many times witnessed Mary Ann being one of the strongest Nursing team members ever!  She never misses giving us our medications and she always works incredibly hard for us!”

From the Recreation Team:

“Mary Ann is very dedicated and hardworking.  She goes above and beyond always ready to put in a helping hand.  Her compassion and commitment to the residents is inspiring!”

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