HCA Training Program: Creating new opportunities in the seniors care sector

Amy has always dreamed of becoming a Health Care Assistant (HCA). After working in housekeeping in a long-term care home and seeing her grandmother become ill, she knew that she wanted to expand her knowledge and skills to care for seniors. However, Amy shied away from enrolling due to the cost of schooling.

Like Amy, Sabrina felt like she needed a change in her career. She had been working in the fast-food industry for almost eight years, but her passion was caring for the elders in her family and community, as she had done growing up.

That’s when both Amy and Sabrina heard about the HCA Training Program through their coworkers. Not only was this a great opportunity to make a career change, but it was a chance for them to pursue their dreams without worrying about their financial security, thanks to BCCPA’s partnership with the Community Workforce Response Grant in covering tuition costs.

“First, it was government funded with free tuition fees and a $5,000 allowance for the training program. Second, the jobs are in-demand, and the salary is good,” said Sabrina.

“A fully funded HCA Program – I was so happy and applied right away,” said Amy, “[the program] offers people a chance to go to school and try something new or something they have been passionate about and to pursue their dreams.”


Although initially nervous, they received incredible support from their instructors and fellow classmates throughout their training.

“I was able to come forward to my instructor to explain my challenges,” said Amy, “she was amazing in helping me overcome them, giving me advice when needed and just being a good support system overall.”

All in all, graduates enjoyed in-person training where they worked with many seniors.

“My favorite experience [was] working with elderly clients and getting to know them and their routines,” said Amy, “it was heartwarming.”

“I learned a lot of things in this training program,” said Sabrina, “[especially providing] person-centred care and how to give compassionate care for all residents.”

Working with employers across the regions, BCCPA connected program graduates, like Amy and Sabrina, to find post-graduation opportunities in the seniors care sector.

“This program really helped me to achieve my goals in finding a job as an HCA, which I am so excited about.”

To learn more about the HCA Training Program, visit here.

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