BCCPA AGM wrap up: Ron Pike appointed as new president

BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) and EngAge BC are pleased to announce an update to its Board of Directors. Effective December 6, 2022, Ron Pike (CEO, Elim Village) will take on the appointment of Board President, while Gavin McIntosh (VP of Operations and Finance, The Care Group) will adopt the role of Treasurer and Erin Beaudoin (Chief Motivator/Executive Director, Eden Gardens) will step on as Vice President.

Two new board members were also welcomed – Salimah Walki-Shivji (COO & General Counsel, AgeCare) and Jennifer Anderson (Executive VP of Long-term Care, Sienna Living). All appointments were approved unanimously by the voting members present at the Annual General Meeting on December 6th at the Terminal City Club, Vancouver.

During the meeting, members were presented with an update from outgoing Interim President Karen Biggs and CEO, Terry Lake. Biggs, a long-time contributor to BCCPA, and past president Hendrik Van Ryk were thanked and recognized by the incoming President and CEO for their service to BCCPA. Outgoing Board Members Lisa Kelly and David Hurford were also acknowledged for their efforts.

The membership also received an update on the association’s financial statements, and voted on four policy motions including:

  1. Encouraging Independent Living – BCCPA recommends that EngAge BC call upon local governments in British Columbia to explore new incentives to increase the development of seniors’ congregate living such as independent living residences, thereby improving the well-being of older adults while providing housing supply and real estate for the next generation of residents.
  2. New Funding Model – BCCPA recommends that the Government of British Columbia work collaboratively with the seniors’ care sector to develop and implement a new funding model for B.C.’s long-term care sector based on the principles of timeliness, sustainability, equity and transparency; where the funding methodology reflects: the true cost of compensating workers; the cost of construction, debt servicing and building operations; and accounts for inflation.
  3. Quality of Life Programing for older adults – BCCPA urges the Government of British Columbia to fund care providers in the long-term care and assisted living sector to enhance access to quality of life programming so as to improve the emotional, social, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of older adults.
  4. Renewing EquipCare BC – BCCPA recommends that the Government of British Columbia renew and expand EquipCare BC with a $20 million dollar investment over 3 years so as to provide appropriate equipment, infection prevention and control systems, and climate-change mitigation strategies.

The AGM was followed by BCCPA and EngAge BC’s Holiday Party, which provided staff, service providers and commercial members with the opportunity to network.


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