Tips to prepare for the winter

The winter of 2022-2023 is predicted to be unusual, and it is advised to be prepared in advance for an un-predicted heating system or lighting breakdown.

2022–2023 Canadian Winter Forecast Summary

  1. Winter has arrived early, with cold temperatures dropping from the Yukon region and northern Alberta to stable across the Prairies and into southern Ontario and southwest Quebec.
  2. Mid-to-late November 2022, icebox conditions will be likely to aggravate as the season progresses.
  3. Various major snowstorms are anticipated for southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada, with the first arriving before the end of November.
  4. The southern side of the Prairies and most of British Columbia will likely be more wet than snowy, with freezing rain more prevalent than usual.

How can we prepare?

  • Schedule a heating system inspection.
  • Make sure your backup electricity generator supplies power to your portable heating equipment and basic lighting.
  • Using electric blankets and heating pads, which are effective ways to be warm in small spaces during a furnace breakdown. Please use with caution and don’t fall asleep with electric blankets/heating pads on.
  • Using candles, which are an inexpensive way to generate heat during a heating outage. However, please be sure never to leave them unattended.
  • During the frigid weather, take off programmable thermostats out of the setback mode and set them on hold for around 22 °C.
  • Limit opening exterior doors and door insulation.
  • Check air vents and radiators are not blocked and allow limited/regulated flow.
  • Ensuring that there are emergency lights in the rooms and hallways.
  • Consider and recommend dressing in layers.

What not to do?

  • Never use an oven or stove as a heater, as it can be a significant fire hazard and risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Some cost and heat-effective portable heaters


Please choose portable heaters depending on your needs and room requirements. A few options are mentioned below:

  • Alcohol Heaters
  • Portable Propane Heaters
  • Little Buddy Heaters
  • Terracotta Pot Heaters
  • Masonry Heaters
  • Electric Space Heaters

For more support, please contact BCCPA Energy Specialist Ankit Patel at ankit[at] or by phone at 604-736-4233 ext. 246.

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