BCIT: Leadership in Long-Term Care Course fall offering

After a successful winter course, the 13-week BCIT Long-Term Care Management course is once again being offered this fall, commencing on September 6, 2022. Registration is now open.

More than ever before, there is a need to ensure that leaders in the long-term care sector are prepared for the challenges they face in providing exemplary care.

The reasons for creating and offering this practical Long-term Care Management course are simple:

  1. Long-term care delivery is complex, involving multiple stakeholders, a variety of processes and the necessity for leadership expertise.
  2. Leaders need a solid foundation to ensure their success in long-term care.
  3. Quality resident care is related to the clinical leader’s skill, ability, and tenure.
  4. Retaining leaders in long-term care is more successful when those same leaders feel confident and supported in their role.
  • Attributes and challenges facing the geriatric population
  • Working collaboratively with families
  • Understanding and managing risk
  • Creating a healthy workplace culture
  • Legislation related to the industry
  • Working with organizations that support long-term care
  • Implementing a quality approach
  •  Conducting investigations
  • Maintaining wellness
  • Ethics and values promoting resident centered care
  • Implementing change in practice
“The BCIT long-term management course provided me an opportunity to network with other people in the field, allowed me to expand my knowledge base in long-term care overall and gave me a valuable experience in seeing things from the lens of different disciplinary leaders. I would definitely recommend this course to new long-term care leaders.”
“First I want to say that I really enjoy the course, I am learning tremendously which will really help me in my current job.”
“I recommend this course for new DOCs because it provides a clear picture of long term care. The course is beautifully laid out so that each section gives an understanding of different components of long-term care. The course also gets into details about building a positive culture and inclusive community. Without any doubt I can clearly say that this course helped me to understand the new DOC role better.”
“The course is very informative, and I have recommended it to the DOC I interviewed.”
“This course helped me a lot in understanding the details of LTC.”

Catherine Kohm

Catherine is an RN with a BA in sociology and master’s degree in education. She has worked in the community as a visiting nurse and managed her own health care business, for several years.  Catherine then transitioned to the acute care sector where she managed a variety of portfolios from social work to the emergency department. Her next position was as an Executive Director of a campus of care for seniors followed by work with Fraser Health Authority to enhance the care of seniors. She has published and presented on a variety of health care issues and served on the faculties of medicine and nursing at the University of Toronto. Semi-retired, Catherine provides coaching to leaders in long-term care nationally as well as teaching at BCIT.

Contact Catherine at:  catherine.kohm@shaw.ca

Michelle Merkel
Michelle Merkel has been dedicated to the field of long-term care for almost her entire 37-year career, serving in a variety of roles that give her an in-depth insight to the industry. Along her journey she has worked as a Volunteer, a Health Care Assistant, a Nurse, a Clinical Nurse Educator, a Director of Care, a Manager, a Project Leader, and a Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Consultant. She has experienced being a leader in not-for-profit, for profit, and health authority owned and operated long-term-care homes in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Michelle has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master’s degree in the Science of Administration (Healthcare Concentration) from Central Michigan University. Michelle has served on a variety of steering committees, successfully led major initiatives, provided presentations to both large and small groups, and is passionate about education and life-long learning.

Contact Michelle at: michelle.m.merkel@gmail.com

Mike Mutter

Mike is a RN and has an extensive background in health care. Over his 37+ years in health care he has worked in Acute Care, Long-Term Care and the pre-hospital care areas. Currently he works as a Clinical Nurse Educator in Long-Term Care as well as a Paramedic with the BC Emergency Health Services. Mike has a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing), an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Distance Education (Technology), an Advanced Specialty Certificate in Health Informatics Technology Management (Health Informatics Option) and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Mike is passionate about seeing students learn and grow.  Mike lives in Abbotsford, BC with his wife Arlene and their dog Red.  In his free time, he enjoys hiking and relaxing.

Contact Mike at: mike.mutter@shaw.ca

To register for this part-time, online course, visit the course website here or contact Karen_Jew@bcit.ca for more information about registration.