When employees use personal vehicles, employers need a plan

Did you know you’re responsible for the safety of your employees even when they drive their own vehicle for any work-related reason?

Understanding your responsibilities is vital. Driving can be one of the most dangerous things your employees do. The home healthcare and services sector is one of the sectors in B.C. with the most work-related crashes. And vehicle crashes are the leading cause of workplace traumatic death in B.C.

Road Safety at Work’s tools and resources can help you reduce the risk for your employees. Here are some things you need to know about use of personal vehicles for work.

You likely employ work drivers

Job titles don’t matter. Anyone in your organization who drives as part of their job – even if it’s only for a few minutes once in a while – is a work driver. The list can include care workers who travel to clients, office staff who pick up supplies, administrators who drive to conduct in-home assessments, etc.

You’re responsible for their safety 


Vehicles used for work purposes in B.C. are workplaces, regardless of who owns them. This means that when employees use their personal vehicles for work, you’re still responsible for their safety.

Start by identifying hazards your employees could face when driving any vehicle – including their own – for work. Road and weather conditions can create risk for them. They could be fatigued after a demanding day. They may have to take unfamiliar routes. To get a thorough understanding of driving hazards, ask your employees for input.

Then evaluate the risk of each hazard and take steps to eliminate or reduce the risk.

You can use these steps to road safety

Using best road safety practices can help keep your employees safe and help you meet your legal responsibilities. Road Safety at Work recommends you take the following steps:

Find more resources and information at RoadSafetyAtWork.ca

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