BCIT: Leadership in Long-Term Care Course Offering in April 2022

After a successful winter course, the BCIT 13-week Long-Term Care Facilities Management course will be offered again this spring, classes will commence on April 5th. Registration is now open.

The BCIT Long-term Management course was co-developed by experienced long-term care leaders who are passionate about resident and family centered care. Through their extensive experience, they’ve identified the need to offer support to new and future leaders of the long-term care sector. The curriculum, resources, guidance, and networking opportunities are anticipated to provide a solid foundation for new LTC leaders.

According to BCIT the objectives of the Long-term Care Management course are simple::

  1. Long-term care delivery is complex, involving multiple stakeholders, a variety of processes and the necessity for leadership expertise.
  2. Leaders need a solid foundation to ensure their success in long-term care.
  3. Quality resident care is related to the clinical leader’s skill, ability, and tenure.
  4. Retaining leaders in long-term care is more successful when those same leaders feel confident and supported in their role.

Visits their website to register for this part-time online course, or contact Karen Jew for more information about registration.

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