“Put Your Oxygen Mask First” webinar provides lessons for healthcare leaders

Timely forum for leaders in the seniors living and care sector on mental wellness

Throughout the pandemic B.C.’s healthcare sector leaders have had an enormous weight on their shoulders, often putting the interests of their staff and residents before their own needs. As a result of this stress,  https://bccare.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/medcare-img22.jpgistrators, managers, directors of care and others are reporting unprecedented cases of mental burnout. In Safecare BC’s 2021 members survey senior leaders to frontline staff, responded that mental health was a top safety concern. On January 27th, BCCPA’s popular Lunch + Learn online webinar series will explore this timely and important topic.

In partnership with SafeCare BC, BCCPA and EngAge BC will be hosting a 75-minute webinar titled “Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First” on January 27th facilitated by well-known speaker Coach Callie. Drawing from lessons of SafeCare BC’s hugely sought-after program, Leading from the Inside Out, the webinar will focus on themes that have significant impact on well-being, which includes setting healthy boundaries, focusing on what’s most important, and developing creative self-care practices. Healthcare leaders and participants of the webinar will be led through an interactive session on ideas that will help improve well-being. There will also be an opportunity to share the tips and experiences that will contribute to enhancing your well-being.

In a promotional video released today, SafeCare BC CEO Saleema Dhalla discusses the challenges of healthcare leaders and the importance of available resources that will help them cope with stress and exhaustion.

“In some ways, this has brought forth an opportunity for us to create more resources to support mental health because we know all workplace injuries have a component of mental health that impacts those working in the sector,” says Dhalla, speaking with Director of EngAge BC Rebecca Frederick. “Opening up the conversation in the workplace that it is alright to feel stressed, exhausted and anxious, there are resources to help and support you.”

The full video interview with Dhalla is available on BCCPA’s YouTube channel and shared below.


Some of the themes covered

  • Being a present, visible, and empathetic leader.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and focusing on what’s most important
  • Developing creative and resourceful self-care practices.
  • Providing clear, regular, and consistent communication.
  • Receiving organizational support – from employees to boards of directors.

Date: January 27th, 2022
Time: 9:15 AM – 10:30 AM PST
Venue: Zoom Webinar

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Video: SafeCare BC CEO discusses forthcoming Lunch+Learn event with EngAge BC’s Rebecca Frederick

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