Barriers for internationally educated nurses portrayed in new BCCPA video

World Premiere! BCCPA launches video to promote improved IEN pathways

At the start of today’s Care to Chat online dialogue on the barriers and opportunities faced by internationally educated nurses (IENs) in Canada, BCCPA launched it’s latest video production titled “Fixing Canada’s complicated pathway for internationally trained nurses” — now available on BCCPA’s YouTubeFacebook and LinkedIn pages. The video tells the story of “Daisy” — an IEN who faces many roadblocks in her journey to put down permanent roots in Canada as a nurse.

“The story of people like Daisy is not an easy one to explain to the key decision-makers in government and at the regulatory bodies,” says Terry Lake, BCCPA and EngAge BC CEO. “While the experience we portray in the video is not meant to represent all of these individuals, it does show the barriers many if not most of these important job candidates face. Our aim is to use this video raise awareness and to work with our partners in these organizations to drive change.

“Without reforms, our seniors care sector in Canada will continue to struggle with labour shortages.”

Our sector stakeholders are encouraged to share the video available on our social channels. The video is available on YouTube here.

Video: Fixing Canada’s complicated pathway for internationally trained nurses