Media Wrap Up: Mandatory vaccination for staff working in long-term care homes

Beginning October 12th, B.C.’s Public Health Officer has established a new vaccine mandate for staff working in long-term care homes across the province, requiring that staff have been verified to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination before they are allowed to work in care homes.

The new mandate specifies that employees must have at least one vaccine dose by October 12th to continue working. Until staff are considered to be fully vaccinated they will have to conduct daily rapid testing and must plan to receive their second dose within 28-35 days of their first vaccination.

We anticipate that the health order may affect staffing levels of many BCCPA members. Interest in the vaccine mandate story from media outlets has been high, with interviews being conducted with BCCPA board Vice President Hendrick Van Ryk, Menno Place CEO Karen Biggs, BCCPA CEO Terry Lake, and VP of Public Affairs Mike Klassen to discuss about the mandate and challenges that long-term care homes may face. See below a number of Twitter posts showcasing these media reports.