Bruce Kirkby brings GRIT to his #BCCPA2021 Annual Conference presentation

We are delighted to announce Bruce Kirkby as one of our keynote speakers for our upcoming #BCCPA2021 virtual annual conference —dubbed The Three Rs: Reflection, Resilience and Reinvention.

Bruce’s keynote is titled GRIT: Developing Resilience, Endurance and Enthusiasm for the Long Haul and is the featured keynote session for Day 2 of our conference on Tuesday, June 1st, during our Resilience theme day.

About Bruce Kirby and GRIT

Bruce lives life on the edge and identifies to many roles, he holds a degree in engineering physics and is also an acclaimed explorer, travel writer and television host. His travel expeditions have taken him from the world’s highest mountains, through the wildest rivers and across the driest deserts. He draws on these experiences to provide real-world, practical lessons on resilience, risk management and change leadership. From the perspectives he derives from his life experiences, he helps individuals and organizations confront fears while embracing change to seek lasting success.

Was there ever a disruptor that had impacted the seniors living and care sector as severely as the current COVID-19 pandemic? Care providers were called upon to navigate unfamiliar obstacles while recovering from disappointments and maintaining enthusiasm in the face of headwinds. We are in a world where GRIT matters, yet GRIT remains an elusive and vastly misunderstood quality. When navigating through hardship, most teams and individuals turn to willpower alone, and soon begin to GRIND instead. This is the hustle culture we are familiar with. The late nights. The skipped meals. The exhaustion and burnout. If a team can learn the simple fundamentals of GRIT as a quality and apply them as they plan their priorities and focus, GRIT will flourish naturally in any organization.

While leading teams through unthinkable wilderness challenges (including high-altitude storms, debilitating injuries, helicopter crashes, and hostage takings), Bruce has witnessed unlikely individuals (elderly clients, middle-aged parents, young children) rise to perform astonishing acts of bravery, endurance, and strength. Bringing these lessons to the workplace, Bruce will share a series of intelligible routines that will help construct “grittiness” within a team.  Incorporated with stories of high adventure, we hope Bruce’s entertaining and visually stunning keynote will awaken the powerful resilience that lies within us all.

Full Conference Rate: $350
Single Day Rate: $125

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