#BCCPA2020 Opening Video: questions to ask about B.C.’s COVID crisis

This week’s #BCCPA2020 virtual conference will provide a “deep dive” on how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the seniors living and care sector. Setting the tone for these conversations is our 2-minute opening theme video that uses many emotional still and video images to capture the spirit of the eight challenging months that have gone by during the global pandemic. As we are very proud of our content created for #BCCPA2020, we wanted to provide access to the video for our web visitors.

Our first day of programming is now complete and available for review now through archived video presentations that registered delegates have access to via the conference web page.

Credit for the video goes to the multi-talented Rumana D’Souza-Garcin, BCCPA’s longtime digital media and communications expert.

#BCCPA2020: What Set B.C. Apart? daily opening video

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